Wide E-Wakenings
with Jennifer Hough
Friday, July 12 , 2012
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• Message from Jennifer
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If you try to ‘do something’ while your body is asking for a time out to catch up to your consciousness shifts, you will land firmly in overwhelm.  Honor when life is speaking to your cells.  Listening to your ego is so last century.”
J. Hough

Dear Alexandra,

You know, sometimes the body is screaming for some integration time…..that is very different than being physically tired from resisting what’s presenting in your life, and judging yourself (which is another reason for sleep).

In the Flow: I often say “sleep is for when we’re dead” (and of course, even then we’re not sleeping LOL)…..and in Ireland a beautiful soul sister brought up how she felt an authentic cellular call to rest on one of our busiest days.  Integration for the body is so important, to be able to come to a new level and fly even higher.

Let Go of the Oars: Slow down and you will fly even faster.  Your body is your greatest guide…..ask it if you are in resistance, or needing integration time……and honour your 60 trillion messengers!

Seemingly physically doing nothing is often powerfully doing something beyond the mind’s comprehension…..xoxoxo SOS‏

Courtesy of www.TheVitalYou.com