by Staff Writers
Beijing (AFP) June 17, 2013

China army newspaper hits out at US’s PRISM programme
Beijing (AFP) June 16, 2013 – China’s official army newspaper Sunday branded the United States Internet surveillance programme exposed by former spy Edward Snowden as “frightening”
University researcher Li Haidong as saying.

edwardsnowdenA state-backed Chinese newspaper Monday said extraditing former spy Edward Snowden to the United States would be a “betrayal” of his trust and a “face-losing outcome” for Beijing.

The comments are among the strongest to be put forward by domestic media against extraditing Snowden, a former National Security Agency subcontractor who is hiding in Hong Kong.

The US has launched a criminal investigation into Snowden after he exposed a massive Internet surveillance operation — including claims of hacking directed at China — amid tensions between Washington and Beijing over online espionage.

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