Several articles came into my inbox over the weekend about the significance of July 23, 2012. A short clip with William Linville really got me thinking about where we are in regards to the “ascension” process. This especially hit me from Angela Peregoff’s article:

What used to be known as your personal goals, plans, strategies and future visions by-en-large have fallen by the wayside. Ideas of who you may think/thought you are/were, and where you are/were going are changing quickly. You may even wonder if you truly have any voting rights for creating your reality and if perhaps all of this metaphysical stuff is some hooey that sounds good but doesn’t really work. The bottom line is that because of what Gaia is embodying you are being offered opportunities to accelerate your consciousness. That path currently creates mental sparks and shock waves in the process. While tensions may be palpable, don’t become your own worst enemy by defeating your higher purpose.

It’s time to pay full hyper-awareness in the current cycle while using “non-attached receptivity” to all that appears in your path. This is a huge process; so please do not resist it or think something is wrong with you. Accept and accept some more. Your core identity, everything that you were, is being reconfigured and realigned to support your Eternal Essence (true self)

compassionately and selfishly. You will not be able to get the new things integrated until the old useless methods and conditions fall away. Come from the heart as you walk the path of personal truth that is in front of you – that is all that is required now.”

Yesterday felt like one of those silent breaks between jam packed activity…it was a well needed breather so to speak to get our footing and prepare for the next incoming wave of change.