Sonia Poulton Talks About Her Research on Madeleine McCann -PART 1

Published on Aug 23, 2017

Our guest today is a Writer, Broadcaster and Social Commentator from the UK.
From 1987, and for just over a decade, she was a music journalist. She was one of the last reporters to tour with rap artist, The Notorious B.I.G. before his murder in 1997.
From 1997, when she became a mother, her creative horizons expanded and she now writes and comments on a variety of human interest and social issues.
She contributes to national and international media on subjects including paedophiles in Parliament, Establishment Corruption, censorship, the sexualisation of girls, the feminisation of boys and the influences of big pharmaceuticals.
Sonia is infamous for doorstepping politicians and asking them ‘out of the box’ questions. She is proud of her outspoken views on State and parental neglect, global inequalities and a culture where people are famous for being famous. She has taken subjects such as false flags, geo-engineering and vaccine damage onto mainstream media platforms – and been attacked for doing so.
As a former media consultant, she tutored numerous pop bands including The Spice Girls and she was instrumental in creating their iconic nicknames.
She deplores narrow-mindedness, bigotry and PC-behaviour. She is inspired by human kindness.……

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