I was blogging this morning, checking on Anonymous’ outcome from the threats made yesterday and I stumbled upon this video.  You have got to see this to believe it!  If any of you took the time to listen to the 1947 video with Airl, the ET captured from the Roswell crash, this eerily parallels her information…Check it out!  Just another prism of perspective we can add to our view….If you do any research on Scientology, it is knee deep in conspiracy and has been one of the victims of exposure from Wikileaks.


Jun 27, 2008

Recently, Tommy Davis, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, categorically denied any knowledge of Xenu and the Alien genocide that is a pillar of their faith. In this video, (LRH) L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, describes the story in detail and proves Tommy Davis is a liar and South Park (SP) was right!