Russia could build manned lunar base
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Oct 08, 2013 – The federal space agency Roscosmos has launched a feasibility study of a project to build a manned base on the Moon, Academician Lev Zelyony, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Space Research Institute, said on Friday. “Our nearest task within the limits of the planning horizon is the construction of a piloted outpost on the Moon. A working group was recently set up at the order … more

Russia to launch first android robot to ISS
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Oct 08, 2013 – A robot, model SAR-400 android, is destined for the International Space Station (ISS) as helpmate for Russian cosmonauts aboard. Scientists have started testing the first Russian robot designed to work in outer space. Russia is planning to send its first android robot, SAR-400, to assist Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station. The robot is currently undergoing tests at t … more

NASA’s moon landing remembered as a promise of a ‘future which never happened’
Leicester UK (SPX) Oct 08, 2013 – footage of the first moon landing promised a future of sci-fi heroism that never came to pass, according to a new study. The paper, by Professor Steve Brown and Professor Martin Parker, of the University of Leicester’s School of Management, and Dr Lewis Goodings, of the University of Roehampton, is published in the International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy. The firs … more