extra extra newspaperIran elections could be a game-changer: experts
Paris (AFP) June 17, 2013 – The election of the moderate Hassan Rowhani as Iran’s new president is a game-changer which could set a new tone and soothe tensions with the West over Tehran’s disputed nuclear programme, analysts said. Dubbed a “sheikh diplomat” for his negotiating skills in tortuous nuclear talks, the moderate cleric raised hopes internationally after he emerged as the victor of the key polls on Saturday. … more

German spy service plans more online surveillance: report
Berlin (AFP) June 16, 2013 – Germany’s foreign intelligence service plans a major expansion of Internet surveillance despite deep unease over revelations of US online spying, Der Spiegel news weekly reported Sunday. Spiegel said that the BND planned a 100 million euro ($130 million) programme over the next five years to expand web monitoring with up to 100 new staff members on a “technical reconnaissance” team. The … more

Rowhani urges world to respect Iran and its rights
Tehran (AFP) June 15, 2013 – President-elect Hassan Rowhani Saturday hailed his victory as one of moderation over extremism, urging world powers to treat Iran with respect and acknowledge its rights in order to receive an appropriate response. “This is a victory of intelligence, of moderation, of progress… over extremism,” Rowhani said in televised remarks. “A new opportunity has been created by this great epic, a … more