global mapObama ready to end ‘mistrust’ with Iran
United Nations, NYC (AFP) Sept 24, 2013 – US President Barack Obama said Tuesday he is ready to test a difficult “diplomatic path” to better relations with Iran while pressing for an end to its nuclear drive. Speaking just ahead of Iran’s new president Hassan Rowhani, Obama devoted much of his speech to the UN summit to overtures to the new Tehran leadership. Obama said “Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons” would remain a US forei … more

Iran poses ‘absolutely no threat’: Rowhani
United Nations, NYC (AFP) Sept 24, 2013 – Iran’s President Hassan Rowhani called Tuesday on US counterpart Barack Obama to ignore “warmongering pressure groups” and seek better relations. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Rowhani said Iran poses “absolutely no threat to the world,” in remarks widely watched for signs of a thaw with the United States. Rowhani condemned international sanctions against Iran and also hit out at A … more

Iran sees ‘historic’ chance to resolve nuclear issue
Tehran (AFP) Sept 24, 2013 – Iran said Tuesday there was a “historic” chance to resolve a decade-long showdown over its nuclear ambitions ahead of a much-anticipated meeting of world powers at the United Nations. “We have a historic opportunity to resolve the nuclear issue,” if world powers adjust to the “new Iranian approach,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet from New York, where he is attending th … more

Outside View: Warning to Israel
Herndon, Va. (UPI) Sep 24, 2013 – As Iran gets closer to developing nuclear weapons, Israel has to decide whether to await U.S. military assistance to stop Tehran or to go it alone. Israel should heed lessons both from the Vietnam War and U.S. inaction in Iraq today. From the Vietnam War, Israel should remember: – North Vietnam, unlike the South, rejected other countries’ offers to send ground troops to assist d … more

China bans weaponry-related exports to North Korea
Beijing (AFP) Sept 24, 2013 – China has banned exports to North Korea of technologies and goods that could be used to make missiles and nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the government said, as it moves to comply with UN resolutions. Beijing, the North’s sole major ally and economic lifeline, has publicly supported sanctions against Pyongyang in the past, though it has come in for criticism from the US and other … more

China says ready to talk if Japan admits dispute
Washington (AFP) Sept 21, 2013 – China said Friday that it was ready to talk to Japan over an increasingly heated maritime row, but only if Tokyo declares the islands to be disputed. Foreign Minister Wang Yi faced questions about ties with the US ally during a visit to Washington, where he called for mutual respect in relations between the United States and a growing China. Wang laid blame for tensions on Japan, which i … more

Rowhani slams Iran sanctions as he heads to NY
Tehran (AFP) Sept 23, 2013 – President Hassan Rowhani Monday urged the West to interact with Iran over its nuclear ambitions, denouncing sanctions as “unacceptable” as he left for New York to attend the UN General Assembly. Heading a high-ranking delegation, Rowhani will address the UN body on Tuesday in a speech that will be closely watched by the West looking for signs that his talk of change and pledges to engage the … more