extra extra newspaperMysterious water on Jupiter came from comet smash
Paris (AFP) April 23, 2013 – Enigmatic traces of water in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter came from a comet that crashed into the giant planet in 1994, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Tuesday. Astronomers have been debating the water for 15 years after telltale molecules were spotted by an infrared telescope. Some argued the water brewed up from lower levels of the gassy planet, but others said it could not … more




Numbers support theory large earthquakes can trigger another far away
Salt Lake City (UPI) Apr 19, 2013 – Big earthquakes can trigger other quakes far from their geographical center at least 9 percent of the time, a statistical analysis by a U.S. researcher shows. With a number of huge earthquakes in recent years – in Sumatra, Indonesia, in December 2004, Chile in February 2010 and Japan in 2011 –leading many to question whether one large quake can cause another on the other side of the w … more

Massive amounts of charcoal from world’s wildfires end up in oceans
Bremen, Germany (UPI) Apr 19, 2013 – Massive amounts of charcoal created when wildfires ravage the world’s forests don’t stay in the soil as thought but end up in oceans, researchers say. The charcoal residue created in such fires is eventually washed out of the soil of the forest floor and transported to the sea by rivers and thus enters Earth’s carbon cycle. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microb … more