Light From The Darkness
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jan 20, 2013 – An evocative new image from ESO shows a dark cloud where new stars are forming, along with a cluster of brilliant stars that have already emerged from their dusty stellar nursery. The new picture was taken with the MPG/ESO 2.2-meter telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile and is the best image ever taken in visible light of this little-known object. On the left of this new image the … moreEARTH OBSERVATION
Landsat Senses a Disturbance in the Forest
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jan 20, 2013 – A new way of studying and visualizing Earth science data from a NASA and U.S. Geological Survey satellite program is resulting in, for the first time, the ability to tease out the small events that can cause big changes in an ecosystem. Called LandTrendr, this computer program is able to find patterns previously buried within vast amounts of scientific data. Still in development, it’s alre … more

Dynamic, dark energy in an accelerating universe
San Sebastian, Spain (SPX) Jan 18, 2013 – It was cosmology that drew Irene Sendra from Valencia to the Basque Country. Cosmology also gave her the chance to collaborate with one of the winners of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics on one of the darkest areas of the universe. And dark matter and dark energy, well-known precisely because so little is known about them, are in fact the object of the study by Sendra, a researcher in the … more