Seriously folks!  I can’t keep up with all of the “discoveries” going on across the planet!  We live truly in amazing times!  Feel honored to be walking this planet at this time!  Seriously! -A.M.

Formation of nanoparticles can now be studied molecule-by-molecule
Helsinki, Finland (SPX) Mar 05, 2013 – The study combines the cycles of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon in the ecosystem, as it shows that the molecular clusters need sulphuric acid, amines and oxygenated organics for growth. When the clusters reach a size of 1.5-2 nm, their growth increases considerably. The measurements were conducted at the University of Helsinki SMEAR II (Station for Measuring Forest Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relat … more

Feeding limbs and nervous system of one of Earth’s earliest animals discoveredEARLY EARTH

Cambridge, UK (SPX) Mar 04, 2013 – An extraordinary find allowing scientists to see through the head of the ‘fuxianhuiid’ arthropod has revealed one of the earliest evolutionary examples of limbs used for feeding, along with the oldest nervous system to stretch beyond the head in fossil record. Until now, all fossils found of this extremely early soft-bodied animal featured heads covered by a wide shell or ‘carapace’, obscu … more

Light particles illuminate the vacuum
Aalto, Finland (SPX) Mar 05, 2013 – In an article published in the PNAS scientific journal, researchers from Aalto University and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland showed experimentally that vacuum has properties not previously observed. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, it is a state with abundant potentials. Vacuum contains momentarily appearing and disappearing virtual pairs, which can be converted into det … more

Blueprint for an artificial brain
Bielefeld, Germany (SPX) Mar 04, 2013 – Scientists have long been dreaming about building a computer that would work like a brain. This is because a brain is far more energy-saving than a computer, it can learn by itself, and it doesn’t need any programming. Privatdozent [senior lecturer] Dr. Andy Thomas from Bielefeld University’s Faculty of Physics is experimenting with memristors – electronic microcomponents that imitate natural ne … more