China’s Next Women Astronauts
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Mar 26, 2013 – In mid-2013, China’s second woman in space is expected to lift off. Wang Yaping, a former air force pilot, is expected to be aboard the crew of the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, which will fly to a rendezvous with China’s Tiangong 1 space laboratory on a 15-day mission. This will represent the second launch of a Chinese woman into space. China’s first female astronaut, Liu Yang, flew on board the Shen … more

Russia Extends Space Cooperation With US
Moscow (RIA Novosti) Mar 26, 2013 – Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree set to extend the U.S.-Russia agreement on cooperation in the use and exploration of outer space till 2020, the government reported on Saturday. “The agreement extention corresponds with Russia’s interests and will help promote effective implementation of its space programs as well as joint U.S.-Russian space projects, including exploration of … more
Meteor storm shaped early solar system
Boulder, Colo. (UPI) Mar 25, 2013 – Movement of the solar system’s giant outer planets created a massive meteor storm that rocked the inner solar system 3.9 billion years ago, researchers say. The migrations of the giant planet created what astronomers call the Late Heavy Bombardment, the biggest meteor storm in our solar system’s history. Scientists have long suspected the bombardment was triggered as Jupiter and … more