returntospaceopen‘Metascreen’ forms ultra-thin invisibility cloak
London, UK (SPX) Apr 02, 2013 – Up until now, the invisibility cloaks put forward by scientists have been fairly bulky contraptions – an obvious flaw for those interested in Harry Potter-style applications. However, researchers from the US have now developed a cloak that is just micrometres thick and can hide three-dimensional objects from microwaves in their natural environment, in all directions and from all of the obs … more

Controversial worm keeps its position as the progenitor of mankind
Gothenburg, Germany (SPX) Apr 02, 2013 – Researchers are arguing about whether or not the Xenoturbella bocki worm is the progenitor of mankind. But new studies indicate that this is actually the case. Swedish researchers from the University of Gothenburg and the Gothenburg Natural History Museum are involved in the international study. The results have been published in Nature Communications. The Xenoturbella bocki worm is a one- … more

Lensing in the Peculiar “Magatama” Galaxy
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Apr 02, 2013 – In a course of studying young galaxies at a distance of 11.6 billion light years from Earth, a team of astronomers led by Professor Yoshiaki Taniguchi (Ehime University) noticed a strangely shaped galaxy that looks like a “magatama”, an ancient, comma-shaped Japanese amulet made of stone. Subsequent research revealed that the magatama galaxy was actually an overlapping system of two young galaxi … more

NOAO: Star Birth in Cepheus
Tucson AZ (SPX) Apr 02, 2013 – Watching starbirth isn’t easy: tens of millions of years are needed to form a star like our Sun. Much like archeologists who reconstruct ancient cities from shards of debris strewn over time, astronomers must reconstruct the birth process of stars indirectly, by observing stars in different stages of the process and inferring the changes that take place. Studies show that half of the commo … more