We all have desires, wants and needs however sometimes what we want or need does not unfold, and we may wonder why source/god/ universe punishes us?


The truth is source/god/universe does not punish, and put simply there are a lot of reasons why a desire does not turn up in one’s life.


The main causes of unfulfilled desires in our society is:

1) the person subconsciously does not believe they deserve it   

2) their current thought patterns do not match their internal belief systems which causes disalignment and chaos in the “creating” process

3) their vibration is totally out of synch with the frequency of their desire

4) that everything is a perfect match, however source/god/divine is bringing something better to them….always !!!!

So these can be the main causes of why desires/wants/needs do not turn up in life when one desires it so badly.

There is no need to lose hope but empower and work with this type of knowledge!


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