spring_equinoxWarm wishes for a Happy Spring Equinox! The Spring Equinox—a day of perfect balance between the light of day and the dark of night—arrives on Wednesday, March 20th. As the days become longer, the changing angle of the sun will give you the opportunity to focus your thoughts and prayers on your highest good. It is a law of physics that light is strongest when it bends, which it does at every season change marked by an equinox or solstice.


The Spring Equinox of 2013 is especially powerful as it coincides with a planetary alignment called “The Finger of God.” This line-up of lucky Jupiter, karmic Saturn, and profound Pluto will cause a greater flow of information around the planet, and greater efforts by people to wield power over others using information—and misinformation.

Make sure to research your facts under this influence before making major decisions—or before communicating important matters to others. Also evaluate closely what others are telling you. This is a time to re-read and edit emails before sending them—and make sure your communiqués are going to the intended recipients.

Chances are great for unintended consequences of communications. Hidden information—accurate and inaccurate—is likely to exert a subtle influence under this celestial alignment. Do your homework yourself. Remember that everything you learn from others is coming through their filter, so take their perspectives into consideration before deciding how to react to information.

Other highlights of the Spring Season include 3 eclipses. All eclipses cause disruptions in the normal flow of the energy of the Sun and Moon to the Earth. Eclipses, therefore, coincide with unusual weather patterns (rain, winds, tornados) and earthquakes.


Eclipses also bring changes in consciousness because the flow of light and consciousness from the heavenly spheres is disrupted by the Sun and Moon (and other celestial bodies under their electromagnetic influence) as the eclipse is in progress.

Chance meetings often occur during the two weeks before and after eclipses. These meetings often change your life in dramatic ways. But the person you encounter under the influence of an eclipse rarely remains in your life more than six months, and in rare circumstances, 19 years, when another eclipse recurs in the same position.

Eclipses recur in the same position in the heavens every 19 years. Thus, the eclipses of 2013 will stir topics last raised in 1994, and open the opportunity for resolution of previously unresolved issues from that year.

Areas where the eclipses are most visible will be most affected by these celestial events. The first eclipse is a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, April 25, in Taurus and Scorpio. It will be visible in eastern Europe, Africa, central Asia and Australia. This eclipse will fall near the disciplined and structured planet Saturn, thus intensifying issues of authority, power, and the imposition of rules and organizational structure. People in power, particularly men, will try to exert more power. And people out of power will struggle against the laws or edicts that authority figures try to impose.

The second eclipse is a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse on Thursday, May 9, in the sign of Taurus the Bull. It will be visible from Australia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean. This eclipse will fall near the action-oriented planet Mars. The celestial alignment will intensify expressions of aggression, particularly by women. Conflicts will tend to be resolved within two weeks of the eclipse.

The third eclipse is a Full Moon Annular Lunar Eclipse on Friday, May 24 (and Saturday, May 25), in Gemini and Sagittarius. It will be visible in North and South America and western Africa. This eclipse will fall into an alignment with the spiritual planet Neptune. A light atmosphere of serendipity and happenstance will prevail. Chance meetings will abound. Great quantities of information will be exchanged. You will encounter new people who will influence your life direction. Be open to new influences but make sure to do your homework before making permanent decisions.


Finally, a spiritual line-up of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, will occur between June 11 and July 19. This celestial influence will provide you a spiritual opening to cultivate a more profound relationship with your soul. Meditate upon why you are here in physical form—from the perspective of your soul. Think about how you would like to express yourself, how you would like to behave, and what you would like to contribute during your earthly incarnation. This is a time to earn much positive karma as you grow closer to your own soul and spirit!