1. venus statute of shield and spearVenus now transits the House of Capricorn! Women of esteem, authority, and dignity will enter our lives to assist our rise in the world. They will come bearing fortunes and graces that enhance security, status, wealth, and influence. These women will manifest with seniority, whether in age or social position, and their deeds and effects will ripple with respect. Venus will make her trek ‘til the solstice day when she will retrograde in this House of legends.

    Expect to see the following while Venus transits Capricorn: feminine empowerment, transfers of power facilitated by women, favorable domestic re-ordering, fortunate feminine endorsements, opportunities for social advancement, esteemed working engagements, high-profile networking, undertakings of responsibility, enhancement of integrity and discipline, legendary inspiration, the appointment of patrons, the fulfillment of traditions, the creation and commitment to legacy, and mystical endowments of worldly authority.

    We should all strive for higher standing in the world beneath this transit because it is one that promotes success in affairs of ambition. It is wise to formulate and employ realistic strategies for lasting worldly achievement. On a spiritual level we should exercise and develop our self-discipline, integrity, and sense of honor. The coming experiences that sync with Venus will allow for us to do these things quite naturally and even sweetly. Take every opportunity to raise the level of dignity in your spirit and watch as this effort naturally translates into a rise in social status.

    To do the Law of Polarity justice I must caution against episodes of public disgrace and shame that may come to those who are reckless, irresponsible, or audacious. The risk is real and great for rapid losses of status, especially at the hands of dysfunctional exchanges with women. For those who struggle with responsibility or discipline I recommend the black onyx to wear or carry. For those advanced in spirit prepare for inspiration focused upon God’s universal Kingdom and its profound governance.

    May your successes be sweet,

    Astrologer Salvador Russo

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    — with Jerusha Eisold.