April 21, 2010 at 1:04pm

Posted By: Staff

the lawThe number of states joining the lawsuit is approaching 26, which would be a majority–unless, of course, we are counting all 57 states

Oklahoma to join 21 other states suing over Obamacare

Lawmakers in Oklahoma late Tuesday announced their intent to file a lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional mandate in Obamacare that forces people to buy government-approved health insurance whether they want to or not — or pay a fine.

The Washington Post reports Oklahoma House Speaker Chris Benge and Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee, both Republicans, said they plan to sue the Congress, the president and the Secretary of Health and Human Services in an attempt to block the unlawful mandate provisions. They are in the final stages of passing legislation that would allow them to file suit.

Earlier this month Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, a Democrat, refused to join the lawsuit led by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum saying he would participate only if the legislature forced his hand by passing a bill requiring him to act.

“Our concern is that the attorney general’s effort would be lackluster, at best,” Benge said. “We have an obligation to our citizens to challenge this unconstitutional bill, which will lead to unprecedented control of a large portion of the U.S. economy. The high taxes required in the law will be a burden that we cannot afford.”

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