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Dear Palace of Peace Friend,
The energies are building by the hour now, as the 23rd of November marks the opening of the Stellium Gateway in Scorpio, triggering the Ascension Waves contributing to the work we are doing in Egypt between the 3rd and 17th of December, and the preparation upgrade grids for the activations taking place in Bali in April 2013. We also basically have 4 weeks left until we cross the threshold into the new world on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of December.

Besides this, Venus is now entering Scorpio and Mercury is about to station direct, also in Scorpio, resulting in many of the deep seated secrets of self hidden within being exposed to us. We are also being encouraged to address all the parts of self that have been deceived into believing we are not good enough and regenerate the intensity of these debilitating beliefs. Mars, ruling Scorpio, is now in it’s exalted position in Capricorn and driving the energies of Mercury, Venus and Saturn resulting in smouldering emotions bubbling to the surface. Mars is pushing us to implement fresh boundaries, apply patience and discipline and actively go deeper into ourselves than ever before so as ensure successful and long lasting transformation of the effects of the past 2737 years of outdated karma and suffering.

This Stellium Gateway not only marks a major turning point in healing on an individual level, but also marks the onset of the greatest opportunity to heal heart, love and sexual wounds to date – individually and collectively. This is why it is such an important preparation portal in relation to the project Mary Magdalene and Kuthumi-Agrippa have set up for transforming the old twin flame experience into the Divine Counterpart manifestation, and reviving the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra teachings (The Magic of the Potential to Weave Light) given by the Scared Alchemy and Fire Goddesses, lead by Mary Magdalene.

As a result there will be no more room to beat around the bush or skirt around these old wounds. The bottom line is: work through them and transform or continue spinning the same old tune day in and day out. We have been told by the Masters for decades that this time will come. Now, it IS literally all up to us to use our free will as we so often proclaim to be doing, and get up and over the obstacles. The rewards are beyond our comprehension. Crossing the threshold into the new paradigm will not accommodate any kind of victim consciousness. We are being given what we have prayed and intended for, now it is our turn to keep our end of the deal and do what needs to be done to surrender to the inevitable changes and LIVE from a point of emotional and spiritual intelligence and maturity.

It is no secret that should we choose to shirk our responsibility to take full responsibility for ourselves and our lives, and instead hide under a rock, things will become unbearable. Everything that challenges us now is a whole new ball game, because where it takes us we have never been before, thus there is no room for excuses, and wasting energy on fearfully expecting the past to repeat itself and reacting defensively will leave us feeling like a dog chasing it’s tail. Making solid and authentic commitments is now also on the cards, and we will soon see why. We are now well on our way to getting to the core of what haunts and taunts us, and transforming this will bring new life to every aspect of our chosen reality. We are being given the opportunity to experience first hand the potential that lies within our raw positive power. We have experienced the negative side of this raw power, now we are called forward to transform the negative into it’s equal and positive opposite. You have the power now, over the next 2 years, to completely rebuild your life.

Mary Magdalene delivered a beautiful and very powerful healing channelling this morning (Part 4 of the Egypt 2012 – Pilgrims Return) which I urge you to work through, as it enables the breakthrough required with regards the major theme of this stellium, which is forgiveness. The power of the energies that came through in the channelling were beyond words and will touch you on profound levels.

To understand more of what the planetary positions in Scorpio mean, please read my past newsletters where I elaborate at length on this. I suggest you read Ascension Gateway of Transformation and Scorpio’s Kiss of “Death” and New Life.
Welcome this time of change, breathe into it and take regular refreshing swims or long soothing baths. Get together with people you deeply trust and let yourself release what needs to come out in the safety of this trusting company. Use prayer and intention setting as you work closely with your Guardian Angel and other Guides to reach your healing goals, and trust that you have what it takes to take full advantage of this powerful healing opportunity and totally reinvent yourself and your life.
I have had endless problems with my website over the past 3 weeks courtesy of the Mercury Retrograde which swallowed up a lot of my time, especially the past 8 days because I have had to send files manually and reload files to my website. I can’t even begin to tell you what the back-log of my e-mails looks like…..so apologies if I have missed your e-mail or not as yet responded.
I leave for Egypt on the 3rd of December, but will send out another newsletter with the links to the channellings for the December events. If I am unable to upload the live channellings I conduct in Egypt whilst I am there, you can expect to see the Mp3’s available on my website from the 20th of Dec. The transcripts will more than likely only become available from mid January.

Much love,

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