From my friend and amazing writer Bill Sterling – I think you will all thoroughly enjoy Bill’s insights with Archons through a stink bug….-A.M.
 Stink Bug
Do you have these insects where you are?  We call them “stink bugs” on the US East Coast,  and everyone assumes they are a plague.  You can look them up if you wish, but their appearance says it all, they are more sinister looking than in this picture.  I have always thought they look like stealth fighters.
 The stink bug, also called stinkbug, derives its name from its tendency to eject a foul smelling glandular substance secreted from pores in the thorax when disturbed. The chemicals involved include aldehydes, making the smell similar to that of coriander; whether or not a human finds the smell unpleasant or pleasant may be genetic. In some species the liquid contains cyanide compounds with a rancid almond scent. This is a form of antipredator adaptation.
The smell is unpleasant.  Very.
Everybody kills them.  I relocate them outside in the summer and put them on indoor plants in the winter — much to my wife’s, well, you can imagine.  They have been coming more intimately into my presence for two years.  Gradually they have come closer and closer, perching near me, dive bombing me in my sleep. Oh, they fly.  Not well, but loud and clumsy. They started walking around on my desk, across the top of my monitor.  It seemed they were developing awareness of where I was going to be next, and being right there first.  Right in the way, stock still, looking at me.  I finally thought maybe there is a reason. So I started paying attention to them with inner awareness and saying in 3D speech (when no one else is around, 🙂 “What do you guys want?”
Then one perched on my mouse.  I saw him just in time before grabbing it. So I said, “All right, let’s talk.  What do you want?”  I said this inside and outside.  “You can’t land on my mouse, I need to use it.  I am listening but please get off my mouse.”  He wouldn’t do it. So after quite a long stalemate I pushed him off with a finger.
Then I got as close as I felt comfortable and we stared at each other.  I repeated, “What do you guys want?  I don’t understand you.  You look menacing to us, humans are not going to be open to you.  Do you understand?”  I have never communicated with an insect before. (I do channel the trees).  
I said again, “What. do. you. want?!  Are you an Archon?”  (I have no idea why I asked that?  It just popped out.) “Do you manifest as an Archon”?  “You look like you could be an Archon.  Know that if you are an Archon it is unacceptable to me for you to be here or even in my attention.  Do you get that?  Do you want me to get into meditation and be open to you?”  Suddenly I got an explosive and enthusiastic “YES“.  So I said, well, OK, I’ll try it. He kept staring at me as I went over to my easy chair, so it seemed.
So I sat in meditation and started putting up my light shields immediately.  I place protective crystal pyramids over myself, and others when permission is given.  They have a special property like a consciousness greenhouse, good influences are “white arrows” and come in like sun into a greenhouse and they bounce off the inside walls and don’t get out.  “Black arrows” are unwanted influences and flow through he pyramid walls from inside out and bounce off trying to get back in.  This came to me two decades ago and I use it all the time.
When I was putting the pyramid up, it’s floor was sort of not ‘done’ yet and this particular stinkbug from my desk arrived in the inner planes and snuck through the uncompleted floor to the inside of the pyramid with me.
I went very intense and said “No! Get out!  You cannot be in here!  Nobody and nothing gets in here that I don’t allow! Get out!”  I forcefully relocated him in consciousness and I spontaneously put him in his own pyramid. I don’t know why.   I got a pleased feeling back about having his very own pyramid, and a desire to stay that way. 
Now fasten your seat belt.
What ‘happened’ next is as I got settled and receptive I suddenly saw a “fleet” of black ships shaped like these insects and like stealth fighters, no antennae and legs of course, in the blackness of space.  The clearest and loudest communication came from the collective fleet, — think of Darth Vader’s voice, “We are the Archons”.
I said, “OK. I’m here”.  In Dorothy the small and meek voice, Wizard of Oz.
Then their voices in very loud chorus said, “HEAL US!” with genuine, mournful appeal, absolutely heartbreaking, practically begging.  Yes, my hairs are standing on end as I report this.  I felt the most extraordinary emotional appeal from these entities.  But I still backed right off. As you could imagine, I popped right out of there and back into 3D, which, you get it, I never thought I would ever think of as relative safety, any time at all.
I thought for a half day about whether and when I was going to contact them again. Things did not feel closed.  I was impulsed to go ahead for two reasons.  One, my higher self told me, “You know exactly what you want to do and are going to do, you are going to do this and you know you want to.” 
The other thing that triggered me to contact the Archons again was that after lunch I was going to rinse a dish and there was a stinkbug perched precisely where you need to grab one of those single wand kitchen faucets, to turn on the water.  He was perfectly in the way and it wasn’t possible to use the sink without moving him.  I took this as a pretty good nudge.  I didn’t wash the dish, but went into my room to hose down some Archons. 
As soon as I sat to meditate, bang, there they were, immediately, manifesting again as a fleet of black spaceships. No hello, just ping, we’re right where you left us. Since I am doing every day a meditation for Fukushima provided by Tom Kenyon,  I started my meditation by doing that healing process, listening to Kenyon’s song and visualizing Fukushima and the surrounding Pacific as healed.  I did it twice, it’s only 2.5 minutes or so.
When I turned attention to the Archons they immediately said, “You did it too.”  I knew they meant the destruction at Fukushima.  I took this to mean that my shadow side has signatures of their energy and we all are joined as one so I participated in the nightmare in Japan also,  and that coming at them as holier than thou was not going to go over with these guys.  I agreed with this and said to them, “Yes, and if I created it, I can heal it too.”  And I asked them to pour down some restorative energies on Fukushima, and since we were “in space” all they had to do was look down.  I believe they did send a little healing energy, but it was quite apparent this is not at this point their thing.  No medals of any kind for their mediocre performance 🙂  It was more like OK, we are following your request, but we are not going to turn into daisies.
They seemed hesitant and unsure at that point as to what I was going to initiate.  I said, “All of life is sacred, yes?  And are you not part of life?  Are you then also not sacred?”  They assented to that and so I started putting transparent crystal pyramids over each ship.  As mentioned,  these pyramids concentrate light and healing and pull out darkness.
The canopies of the ships started to fade and sort of fizzle and then went back to opaque, and then began opening again, and inside of each ship was an all All American boy, circa WWII, with brown chinos, a nice shirt and open boy next door grins.  I’m just reporting, 🙂  They seemed relieved and accepting and just kept me in sight and were listening.  Then I began to perceive some considerable uneasiness coming from them.  I was shown that these beings are sort of soldier level operatives and they were getting really spooked about the hierarchy above them, who were not represented in these ships, but they were in great fear of them.
I said something like, that’s OK I’ll put pyramids over all of you and the guys at the top won’t be able to get through them to harm you.  That seemed to do the trick and their anxieties subsided.  I got a sense it was completed for now and I closed off the session. 
It feels like there will be another session in the future.  They have started to sort of ping me when I’m not in meditation. Just walking round I’ve been occasionally hearing a comment or two from them.  Nothing heavy or profound.  More in the way of keeping a line open.
It so far feels genuine, OK, and a relief to both sides, theirs and my higher self’s.  I did not go overboard sending love and so on, I just helped them kind of in a practical way with their situation and let it be known that I accept having a shadow side and having participated in unsavory things also, but without knowing of them in this lifetime.  So we parted amicably.  I am currently getting a bit of speculation from them about another session together, and I am open to that but I want the dust to settle a little while first.