I found this a very interesting story because supposedly there are 12 of us walking around the planet and this indicates just that…what do you think?-A.M.


In reference to a recent strange experience I had at the state fair read here one of my blog readers sent her incredible experience of a few weeks ago and hopes you will have comments .

Hello Donald,

mirroYes, I have been puzzling over a very similar experience that happened to me just last week. Like you, I dont know quite what to make of it and I have been unable to keep it out of my mind. I experienced the same kind of attraction and fear that you describe so well…it was almost the same scenario but with a twist. I will share what happened to me.

Last week I went to a free outdoor evening tribute band concert . They have them in front of the hall of records in a nearby town every Wednesday night and people come with folding chairs or they stand around to listen. Mostly rock tribute bands. Some friends of mine and I were sitting in folding chairs in one of the rows when I noticed a man standing to the side of the crowd – I was shocked because although I could not see his face straight on, in profile, his face and hair and jawline and the way he stood – and also the way he was dressed, looked exactly like my dead husband. !! … And i do mean exactly..his body language, his face from the side, his distinctive notched jawline and the silver hair color…were identical. He was even dressed in the same clothing that my husband always wore when he was casually dressed..faded jeans, nike sneakers and a burgundy henley shirt . I know that Henley shirt ! My husband had that same outfit this man was wearing, down to the shoes ….Only this man’s clothing was slightly shabby as if it had come from a second hand store and my husbands clothes were always meticulous – and this man’s hair hair was a little long, in need of a haircut. But he had the same thinning spot at the crown of his head, the same silver hair and the exact same hairline. He had the same thin body and the way he stood, as my husband did. This man was also very thin..the same way my husband looked when he was ill with cancer. And this man stood slightly rocked back on his heels with hands in his pockets, the same as my husband used to do. Its a very distinctive way to stand that was peculiar to my husband, the way he stood rocked back on his heels when watching something he was interested in. I could swear that it WAS him !!

I could not take my eyes off of him and felt I had to get a glance of his face from the front ..so I got up and walked to a place beyond where he was, and then walked up towards him to see his face.

What I saw really scared me. And I am not a person who is easily scared or spooked..but this man had the same face as my husband only something was really different about it . His face was smooth and like a babys skin and his eyes were big and round and wide eyed with innocence like a babys are ..this did not go with the silver hair and it really scared me for some reason I dont yet understand. I had a feeling of danger that made no sense at all. I recoiled in fear at what I saw – the un natural youthfulness of his face and eyes – and went back to my seat but could not stop watching him…everything about him was the same except maybe the eyes , his hands were the same when he took them out of his pockets, and even when he rocked back on his heels and put his hands into his back pockets now instead of his side pockets , another thing my husband always did. My husband always had the slender body of a young man from the neck down, and looked as if he could be in his 20′s from behind .. but with an old face that was appropriate for his age.. and so did this man, same body, same profile, same face and hair ..only the eyes and newborn look of his skin were different. And that’s what really scared me – I felt like it would be a bad thing to approach him, but I dont know why. His face was just too new born looking contrasted with the silver hair ! It scared me.

It was like he was from somewhere else and not supposed to be there. He was an onlooker who somehow did not blend with the crowd. There was something eerie about him. He was like a person out of place or out of time, and the shabby clothes alarmed me for some reason I cant understand …and did not go with the brightness and eerie youthfulness and intensity of his face in contrast with the silver hair and obvious older age that he was, and which my husband was when he died.

And here is the kicker…after the concert was over he stood at the curb and when the light changed I watched him run across the street in the exact same way my husband always ran …not a jog, but like a track runner runs with his legs kicked up high behind him – I KNOW that run !! My husband ran that way . Not many older men still do ! ..Everything about him (besides the glowing eyes and skin of his face) was an exact copy of my dead husband who has been gone for 5 years now. I was not the only person that saw him, my friends saw him too – but they never met my husband, so couldn’t comment or react.

I dont know what to make of all of this, but it haunts me. Why did I not go over and speak to him ??? How I wish that I had..WHY was I so afraid when I saw his face ? – In everything else I am fearless and curious. I have no problem confronting or exploring. I can only say that I had the same kind of fear that you described. ….Something kept me from doing that ! Something not at all like me.

My husband is from the midwest and the concert was in the east, for a lot of reasons its impossible they are related somehow.

I don’t know what to think. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before . Do you have any thoughts on this ??