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  • Cyr says:

    Hey Alexandra! How are you today? This is Cyr, again, from Mexico City.
    This could be topic for a question to Cobra in your next interview to him. What could produce that worldwide “HUM” & what for?
    I saw in YouTube, an episode of “those” odd sounds that happened at the begining of this year I beleive, in Cuernavaca, one hour south of Mexico City…
    If you have time for this, could you add to your post, the web page or contact, of that lady who is talking in this video If by any chance one can record something similar in order to send it to her?
    Cordially. ; )

  • Anne says:

    I heard it too here in Montreal Quebec. I could identify it as I heard the news before but it could be easy to think that this sound came from construction dragging some sort of heavy metal container on the ground type of thing….