Another perspective on all the players within the Spiritual Community………geeez!  I have noticed a change in the tone of her messages and am wondering if all of this is representative of these “end times” with the playing out of the Armageddon.-A.M.

May 29, 2013


1032636_640pxThe Final Frontier ~ Arrests! A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 29, 2013
Greetings! This is Sananda. We take a moment following the Full Moon lunar eclipse to acknowledge those Souls who have left in waves to The Scorpi Black Hole. There are many more who have passed away from Earth and taken up residence on Planet Herculobus.
The Egyptians called it Djed, our connection to the Galaxy and the Mayans called it Xibalba Portal, The Gateway to the OtherWorld. Opening this portal, reestablishing this Love-Light Connection.
Xibalba originated on Orion. There was a period of time when the Lyra Humans lived on a Planet which orbited Sirius. Sirius Humans continued to remain in Etheric Bodies. The Kumaras decided to remain incarnate in bodies and moved to a constellation in Orion where there were Reptilian Humans. It was Sanat Kumara, the Heirarch of Venus, who led this group to Orion. The Kumaras are all Hybrids. They did this, so they would remain incarnate and combine the DNA of all 12 races. In time, each one of the Kumaras has incarnated into one of the 12 races of man and this formed the 13th. We are the 13th. We have learned through this experience, it is not the race that defines a person, but their Soul. It was a compassionate act of love to combine all the races of human. By doing this, it brings peace. Each One can see there is a part of them in everyone else; We Are All One. The Council of Kumaras have kept the lineage of the Anandas. All of the Kumaras have remained incarnate. They realized that only by entering Earth in incarnate body form, are they able to help ascend other incarnate realms. This time it is necessary to ascend Earth by living a 3D life and coming through that experience. The reptilians and humans must now integrate and must do this through peace. The time for peace is now. We on Earth are being given the chance to chose love, or leave to Herculobus. This is a parallel Planet which is pristine and carries on the reptilian way of life. If One choses peace, through love, compassion, and Oneness, they will ascend with Earth. There is no judgment, it is time now for Earth to ascend, and each Soul has a choice.
I ask you pause for a moment. I wish to acknowledge the millions of adept Beings who work form the Ships to assist this Mission. There is a vast network of militia, communications technologies, recording technologies, angelic forces, secret service, computer data banks, legions of workers repairing timelines, Wingmakers holding the Earth grid stable with their vast Ships and Crews. The list is vast and far exceeds what has been mentioned here. We must also acknowledge the role of the Archangels Michael, Metatron, Chamuel and Andrew who have worked with the Highest Forces of Light and the Galactics from many quadrants of Space to bring about the final arrests on Earth. This has not been an easy process. Many times these Ones have taken on human form and fought all night to help civilian victims of drone attacks, those caught in weather super storms, derailed trains, collapsed bridges, earth quake victims. Their work has been diverse and they have taken no rest. They have weeped beside you Unseen. Honor today the dark Ones who chose not to go on at New Earth. Pray them safe journey to the far shore. Those going on to Herculobus do so because it is part of the Great Plan. This is a place where they can reintegrate love into their DNA. Many millions of years ago during the Grand Experiment they used the technologies of Atlantis to splice out of their own genes the capability for compassion, love and forgiveness. Most important of these was self-forgiveness. It is this quality which enabled them to continue with greed, violence and atrocities. They are forgiven. We love them more. We thank them and give them our deep gratitude for the role they played in returning Earth to love and only love. I ask you please allow these very high influxes of light carrying these Ones away from Earth to burn through your body removing all programs still holding you back from full surrender of the Light. All this fire, warmth and light to change your nature and help you to your Highest Path. We are All One. Not because we are all at equal places on the Path – -because we all had an equal chance at love.
Following arrests our Moorish President of the united States will open the ten foot by ten foot Bruton Vault which was buried twenty feet containing the real Declaration of Independence and the real Bill of Rights. The Holy Kumaras were considered Eternal Youth. This is a misnomer. It really menat they were Eternal Immortal Beings who never laid down their Human Form but stayed incarnate to help throughout all Ages of Time. Sanat Kumara is an Avatara form of Lord Maitreya and Buddha. He is the Path of Love. Sanaka Kumara is an Avatara form of St. Germain and He is the Path of Ascension. These Ones have worked with Sanatana Kumara an Avatara form of Archangel Michael and Sananda Kumara and Avatara form of Jesus the Christ and King of Swords (KOS). Michael and Sananda work with the Secret Forces. Ashtar is a part of the United States Military. KOS is the Provost Marshall General and this role was resurrected after 911 to bring all aspects of military law enforcement under one office, headed by The Prince of Peace. Archangel Chamuel is a Member of the Alien Contact Organization (ACIO) as are many many others working for Disclosure. The Sirian Commander, Barack Obama, a fully adept Galactic from Andromeda Galaxy is the Commander in Chief of the military working closely with the Provost Marshall. They hold the legal power of opening the Bruton Vault and returning the documents originally signed in 1774 restoring the Republic and enacting NESARA Law. They all know exactly what they are doing. All of the fake stories have been a diversion serving the Light to get the work done behind the scenes. It has been a very elaborate play within the Illusion. It has caused a lot of confusion, but that is clearing up now.
This Master Plan has been in place for millions of years to once and for all end the Grand Experiment on Earth.
Following arrests we will have Announcements. Seven to ten days later will will have Ships landing on Earth. Please continue to hold the light through these trying times as we are on the cusp of Change Over. Thank you for All You Do as incarnate Hearts on Earth blazing the Light of Change. Salut! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved.
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Hello Everybody~ It has been a very difficult path bringing messages which are so far outside what anyone knows as reality. I have enjoyed every minute of this great honor to be in a body now. Many of the channels you read are connecting with computer programs. When they go into deep meditation to bring back the messages they link to actual machine technologies sending out a signal. These were put in place by the Illuminati and it creates a diversion for the light workers. Then I get emails saying its so hard to know what is real and what is not. Amidst all the confusion I carry on bringing messages hoping it helps. Greg Giles featured a video of a machine voice with a message which mentioned me by name at least 4 times discrediting my channels. There have been whole websites built to discredit my work. In 2010 David Wilcock wrote three paragraphs on his blog titled NESARA Never! He mentioned me by describing my work throughout discrediting me. He has since taken it down from the archives. None of that matters. Only Disclosure matters. Our only chance at Disclosure is alternative media. Many many many Ones who have a lot of money have sent diversions of all kinds to keep light workers from the truth.  Kept the light workers away from their own personal growth through Self discovery.
Sherry Shriner, a murderer and a war criminal; woman lawyer from England who spent  all her time in New Jersey connected with the Big O – hedge fund got hooked up with Ted Gunderson. Dove fell into the same trap before her heart could no longer hold the vibration of love. Sherry Shrinerʻs handle was Poofness. Poof was playing like he was a spiritual  person and that he was a “he”. Poof is a war criminal who could no longer hold her energy here. She passed on. We thank her for her service. Sa Lu Sa created a diversion for a very very long time keeping immature Ones dangling and crying: When is this going to happen!?! They keep saying the same thing every week! Sa Lu Sa was an embarrassment that kept the sheep holding their breath instead of encouraging them to seek real truth. In time that work could no longer tolerate the new Light energies coming in. Caspar and Cobra – all connected with the Jersey operation which goes back to the Big O hedge fund and they with others are very convincing with their disinformation.
Every single paragraph they write holds some truth and the rest diversion. Now there is a whole segment of light workers who have flocked to the bedtime stories of Middle Earth and Mother Father God announcing the Past Lives of innocents. They have been told – though they worry what would happen to their little doggie – if they left on the Ships to desert their home for some months because Earth will be uninhabitable (Are you kidding me?!) – that they are an immortal Being who never died and  a key player in Ascension and the wife of the Cosmic Christ. Folks have packed their bags so they can be ready to whisk off to Middle Earth on a MotherShip. Hopefully they wonʻt leave the iron plugged in when they go. A certain blogger went out and stood on a hill because during an hour with an Angel he was told he was a chosen One and would be picked up for a ride. WOW.
I have been very sad for many years in the background watching all the games. I have been cast aside and belittled by everyone I ever worked with. I have been called compromised. I have done much behind the scenes which may never be known. The whole point is helping as many as possible be awake and aware. My sadness stems from knowing how many have been reading all the crap for so many years and so many who have been reading some good stuff for so many years and still and yet they absolutely refuse to meditate. Never meditate. Some of the greatest teachers with the highest knowledge never ever ever meditate.
You have to decide how this makes you feel. All this. You have to decide if you are going to go within and look for your own answers. You have to decide from where you will begin in New Earth. Most feel when the changes come everything will be ok. Thatʻs not true. No you will not be worried about money anymore. It will be time to look at your Soul and worry about that.
It may be some length of time before you can really benefit from the new changes because you will have to fix all the imbalances that were never addressed all these years when you were carried off in diversions instead of working on your Highest Good. All this time waiting for payouts from bonds, from currencies, from donations into hedge funds. When you are clutching your millions in your little fist from you ʻpackiesʻ after all these years – what will your Soul look like? What will be the diagnosis inside? You chose to run down the rabbit hole and stay there completely ignoring your own development. All the things that have been bothering you since childhood will not be wiped away.
Your Ascension or your Enlightenment is not automatic. When you arrive at Zero Point we will have no more war. How will you feel seeing the Ones who have done the Inner work move ahead and leave you behind? They will not even be allowed to talk to you because they will have to sign non-disclosure statements to accept their next higher Mission. If you are mourning a war criminal and murderer because you were fooled into believing that was a truth warrior then it is for you I mourn. My sadness has come from answering thousands and thousands of emails over the years. I can only be an example because if you chose not to heed the warnings handed down for billions of years, likely you will not listen now. The Truth is out there and your Guides stand by to help you at your beckoning. Be Brave! Do the work. Namaste!