Well, I took some time yesterday to read up on David’s recent releases and he has some outstanding points as usual…so what do you think?  Was the Cabal slapped down a bit?  Was it a signal of things to come in the future for them?
by David Wilcock
February 4, 2013, 3:00 am
Directly after Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show ended, the power shut down for 34 minutes — for a mysterious, unknown reason that is being called an “abnormality in the power system.”
This may have been a counter-strike against the Cabal, and its media control, by the Alliance — striking them in their wallet, and showing that their time is up.
[UPDATED, Next Morning: Obama’s Assassination Reference on December 31st. German media video reveals Federal Reserve gave them fake gold in 2010.
Also, Beyonce accused of being Illuminati — by mainstream media!  Then we added interesting new text from Fulford’s update this afternoon, Feb. 4th.
EVEN MORE, Next Evening. Strange buzz in ceiling of dome. Federal Reserve computers totally compromised and hacked by Anonymous. Wow.
Tuesday Feb. 5th: Another vitally important update added at the end. Top UK politician speaks out on gold fraud. This is NOT a conspiracy theory.
DON’T MISS: Several MAJOR new updates, just this Monday morning, to our Disclosure piece as well! Amazing things are happening.]

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The Super Bowl is the most-watched media event on the planet — and the most highly prized in terms of its advertising dollars.
30-second advertising spots on this year’s Super Bowl were selling for as much as 4 million dollars.
Given how much money is at stake, it doesn’t seem possible that the lights went out in the stadium for a whopping 34 minutes — but that’s what happened.
You would think that the backup systems would have backup systems. No one wants to lose power in such a profitable media circus.
34 minutes of blackout, directly after the all-important half-time show, is unprecedented. Many people tune in just to watch that show.
Think about how many viewers must have lost interest and clicked away — and the bloodletting this caused for the advertisers paying $133,333 per second.
Was this truly just an accident, or was this a deliberate move by the Alliance against the Cabal?