This just came in….nice and as a healer myself, I am so much on the same page with her!

December 18, 2012 ~

As we head into the end of this eye-opening year, many people are asking “What’s next?”

First of all, a reflection of our past would be a good idea to review before jumping into our wants and desires. This is because when we end a year, our past is something we may not necessarily want to repeat. That’s why we have New Year resolutions. However, if we say we want to start over, it’s important to look back and recognize our behaviors, actions and reactions, and anything that had us feeling uncomfortable in any way.

This coming year is especially important, for what we are doing is heading into the most amazing times on our planet. What makes it even more exciting is that we are more united, more teamed up as humanity, and much more empathetically deeper than we have ever been! We have had plenty of time to “get our acts together” as individuals, and now it’s time to put our foot down and allow this shift to take flight!

2012 has been seen and forecasted for quite some time now. As predicted, it certainly has woken us up to change, to connection, to realization of our true feelings, and even to angers that we didn’t even know we were capable of.

As a full time healer, I can testify to these symptoms for most everyone I’ve worked with for the past few years. I listen, pay attention, and watch outcomes as they unfold in people’s lives, before and after they get a session with me. I see more illnesses and chronic conditions, which come on spontaneously and are having doctors scratch their heads as to why these conditions are happening! Some of them are not about diagnosing. They are about emotional situations coming to the surface and now identifying themselves in the physical body. In some of my past articles, I have mentioned the “as above, so below” as to help in understanding that our emotions and our way of seeing life (perceptions) reflect inside of our bodies as cellular patterns and memory. Today, before this new year arrives, we are being asked to be real within ourselves and question our limited thinking. As spiritual sovereign beings, we are now becoming fully enlightened and empowered in this new state of being. You can feel the expanded awareness as it flows in from Universal intelligence, freeing us up and stopping all judgements when it comes to our looks, our religion, our sexual preference, and even major choices. I hear parents wanting the best for their kids, no matter how old they are, and yet realizing they have to allow them to be who they are, not what they wanted them to be. This is actually the highest compliment you can give to your loved ones because it allows them to learn at their pace from the choices they chose; how beautiful to know that we can become the freedom of the Universe and appreciate the diversity in it all of it.

Falling into love is simply the process of allowing enlightenment to achieve its desired connection with each of us. No more effort or hardship when we realize that all is happening in accordance to the divine outcome. When faced with any situation, we can ask ourselves what did we learn and how is it that there was an actual blessing in the recognition of the circumstance? As we allow our spirits to soar to new heights, we can let our guard down (which actually becomes the baggage on your back if we hang on to the past), and be grateful without ego, without judgment, and without attachment.

Spirit waits and sees our lessons IN love and watches our process, throwing in the magic to remind us of the joy we sometimes forget to remember.

For this new cycle in Earth’s history, let’s come together and acknowledge joy first, lessons learned and learning, and the freedom to express our knowledge and feelings of our hearts as we shift into this reality of love within ourselves. For this is why we are here together right now. No matter your “job” is, it’s only an expression of your choice. The true job is to become clearer in love and freedom. As Joseph Campbell, author of “The Power of Myth” has said in his interview with Bill Moyer back in the 1980’s: “People get so concerned with wondering what their purpose is. Purpose goes beyond what your paying job is. To really understand purpose, you must realize that you being here is enough. A smile, or a pat on the back, a lesson learned. That is true purpose! What you do after that is a job.”

From my heart to yours, I wish for you the most Divine enlightenment possible as we bring our co-creative abilities together, shine true empowerment of our individual power, and find freedom from the past as we venture together into 2013!

~Best of Blessings to you and your loved ones! ~Mona~