October 26, 2011

This new interview of Tolec by ALW is about 36 minutes long.


Here are some of the Highlights from Kauilapele’s blog.

  • Two important Reptilians/grays bases are being taken out.
  • One is in the Gulf of Aden (1.5 miles down).
  • Other is in ocean off coast of China (1 mile down).
  • Both bases generate emotional-fear-producing frequencies sent out to the regions near those bases (e.g., Middle East, Asia). The frequencies are designed to create fear in the emotional bodies of people in those regions of the planet
  • The conflicts in Middle East have been created/continued by this method.
  • The intent is to keep these regions in constant state of fear and turmoil.
  • The reptilians/grays literally feed off of this fear. It is a food for them.
  • Middle East countries/people have been used as pawns on a chessboard, for thousands of years, without having any idea what is going on.
  • End objective of the Andromedan group is the destruction of all these underground/underwater bases is to get these malevolent entities off this planet.