October 31, 2011

Tolec’s statement reads as follows regarding video below:

“Yes, I was able to confirm this event with the commander of the primary biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held. This was a strike by the Procyon people. They’re just doing their job as promised. This base is now completely collapsed & destroyed.”

Tolec stated that one of the two major reptilian bases (one in Gulf of Aden, one in China) was taken out.

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Recall from that post, “Both bases generate emotional-fear-producing frequencies sent out to the regions near those bases (e.g., Middle East, Asia). The frequencies are designed to create fear in the emotional bodies of people in those regions of the planet… The conflicts in Middle East have been created/continued by this method.”

MP3 recording of this video

USGS quake details here

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