Report on Removing Reptilian Earth Bases

February 21, 2012

Tolec writes:


“Nicobar Islands, South East Bay of Bengal.
“Extensive Reptilian ‘pencil’ shaped undersea base destroyed
Prior notification of next strategic Reptilian undersea base to be taken out and destroyed.”

“On February 3, 2012 late in the evening, after having received a telepathic communication from the Commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere – I provided to Alfred Webre of Exopolitics, via e-mail, an advanced notice report of two (2) strategic Reptilian undersea bases that remained to be taken out & destroyed.

“My report of that evening stated that the first of the two (2) remaining undersea bases would be located in the Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal area with the finding of an extensive, massive undersea base located & beginning on the top portion of “pencil” shaped, north/south oriented undersea land ridge, a very unnatural-looking undersea land ridge.

“The beginning of this base is marked by the white “box” with the cross hairs in the middle. It runs the full length of the ‘pencil’ – north to south.”