Alisa’s insight into Synthetic Currents & Synthetic Telepathy Transduction

Galactic Transmission

Galactic Transmission

I have some thoughts that I would like to share from the interesting interview, “Deeper Into The Djinn Connection – Rosemary Ellen Guiley” hosted by Ari & Serena on Shattering the Matrix, on July 13, 2013.

In would like to touch upon several things to ponder and I offer others to fill in gaps & better language on the EMF, WIFI, Microwave bands. My information arrives from intuitive impulse while I listen to certain material- like an instant knowing or something that provides clues for further investigation. I just came up with the title Synthetic Currents & Synthetic Telepathy Transduction for this blog post. I thought I should look up the word transduction into make sure the title would be understood. So, look what transduction means & how right on:

trans•duc•tion  (trænsˈdʌk ʃən, trænz-)  n. the transfer of genetic material from one cell to another by means of a virus.

First, these dark entities that we perceive as varieties emanate from the same fear based streaming…a frequency band that they ride on. They are master shape shifters because they use various frequencies to project their form or intention into the etheric- the skin or immunity of the earth that exists with the physical. If these ET varieties are not of the same parasitic or altercating forces, they ride on the same information stream to enter the planet and go about their harassment. Keep this in mind.

A question arises, “Did these altercating forces come through the dark windows of time…the tear in our atmosphere?” The planetary “ring-pass-not” has been breached and torn by equally diabolic psychopathic actions – via nuclear bombs and geo-engineering and now through sonar or frequency modulation via EMF Mast towers that forms a disturbance grid over the entire planetary etheric.

EMF’s are everywhere…where is there not a mast tower in the world? People who live in huts have cellphones and there is Wi-Fi due to the big business headquarter set-ups usurping indigenous land resources in the middle of mountainous ranges or any place where big business has infiltrated. If EMF’s were a deterrent these entities would not be proliferating, but diminishing. Electricity is part of the Kosmic element, while magnetism is the essence of the Earth. “Synthetic electricity” provides the necessary current mimicking organic electromagnetism for an anchoring of those synthetic energies to proliferate at the etheric level of both the planetary body and human bodies. Everything starts at these unseen levels (etheric)…this is the groundwork for rest of the systematic agenda being played out through Monsanto and Big biotech, transhumanism, nanotechnologies, chemtrails, water fluoridation and petrochemical industries, media and communication technologies for frequency modulation, etc. “from the planet Earth.” There is an inverse attack to create implosion in order to suck out the life force of all sentient forms into a dead planet – to induce the soul of the planet and the soul of humanity into automaton. Through necromancy – the resurrection of evil, these forces seek to create their kingdom of rule on Earth to suit their mixed purposes in an atmosphere that support them. This is probably why so many planets are dead. In addition, Transhumanism is a marketing agenda to appeal to the hypnotic technologicalized masses – a way to box in life energies into a battery cell storage unit. I have come to see that the movie Matrix also supports Transhumanism and offers a way for the ordinary human to plug into technological uploads in order to become a super human that saves planet Earth. Everyone secretly wants to be a hero, to live the aspirations of a super human, but let’s not be duped into complicity acting along the joke against humanity, by uploading and embedding matrix reality programs into a mind with potential of greater expansiveness.

The assumption that EMF’s deter these intrapsychic intruders does not feel right to me, nor do they confirm my observations in the effects. Take for instance, my perception that Microwave, radiation and EMF’s are a false current or “synthetic streaming” – a phase conjugation run by a fear program (low frequency below natural human potential) that produces a wave that allows the entities to carry out their projections…these psychic attacks are projections into the etheric that is injected into the both the outer atmosphere or environment and the inner life atmosphere of the human to fabricate a stream that distorts reality.

In ancient times there is speculation that pyramids were energy or electricity producing stations that were fuel stations for large galactic ships. Could be why they are all aligned to the constellations…interdimensional corridors. This might also explain why Jinn and others have been on Earth for a long time. Consider the secrecy around the pyramids. Does the use of pyramids as generators to fuel entity forces support those predators from inhabiting or manufacturing a synthetic earth via the manipulation of human-hybrid scientist in power to do it for them? Was it a way to keep them out, by offering fuel? Now the pyramids are shut down and perhaps these forces are seeking ways to sustain themselves and only care for their own survival using earth and humans as it host until their agenda is established producing the eventual die off of the human genome.

One thing for sure, is that psychic inserts pierce my mind when I am involved in computer work writing at a very focused soul level, or when the TV is streaming in front of me while I am in the kitchen. I feel the syncopated impulses hit me directly causing great agitation. The etheric body of anything, whether a cell inside our bodies to the etheric membrane of the planet, if bombarded on constant basis agitates and weakens the field by disorganizing it and thus, opens entry through force causing chaos or disease. We may feel this disharmony as producing negative mood states, depression and thoughts of suicide, violence and anger, dis-eases or malaise, that eventually collapse into full blown disease ravishing the body where it turns on itself (cancer lesions)….an implosion of forces if you will of eating from the inside out…cannibalism. Zombism and cannibalistic infatuation. Ponder this deeply. “They” are showing us via the media what they are doing to us by putting it out there first. Once discovered and revealed and we change it through our inner authorization which comes by gnosis of Self as Soul- a self-sovereign spirit, rather than ego identification easy to manipulate. One can be a self-sovereign atheist. It is knowing that we are of “nous” – holding the spark of divine intelligence that the power of ensouled awareness lays and has the power of eradication, a banishing if you will. Ecology of the Spirit is about “Assimilation through resonance in order to integrate humanity with Soul.”

Awareness and higher consciousness is a resonance to the higher streams of wellbeing in Source nature. Gaian-Ecosorcery…the white magic of the sages & shamans throughout the ages provide an interactive way to defeat them.

I see this invasive problem as shadow healing work attached to ego-plays that opens up bombardment at the collective-planetary level using Radiation, microwaves, EMF’s and cell phones to ground these synthetic currents into this dimension from influences outside the Earth body. The Earth is in a literal harness radiating beams from satellites on the moon. This keeps humanity locked into a trance, in distraction and short circuits minds that are thinking above those low frequencies forced into modulation with them –the dumbing down. Notice how this happens when you are reaching for thoughts of inspiration and all of the sudden you are distracted into total forgetfulness or your body moves forth in the desired action but the mid splits off and the inspiration is lost and refocused into the mundane of things. A constant perforation in the thought stream…hence the bridging of the gaps in consciousness via nature communion is the antidote, like in the movie Avatar. Unplug from the matrix and Plug into Nature. Is it no wonder the Nature washes away EMF debris and realigns the body and clear the nerve pathways of collected EMF’s radiations when we ground into Nature.

In order to step into our collective truth as to our origins and that of the Earth requires observance of one self and to various methods of manipulations in order to point them out to others for self- remediation. There are arms of distractions established throughout the veins of culture at every level to keep us from our authentic knowing. “Know thyself be true” and the self-sovereign power of our Spirit is a ring-pass-not, a field for protection that does require a cultivation to effectuate strong etheric boundaries from intrapsychic intrusion.

I wonder how one thinks Asheana Deanne’s Keylontic Science fits into this conversation.

I also wonder where Santeria and voodoo fits into this discussion? Also, is the Arabic Jeanie in a bottle a Jinn, offering wishes to the ego desires for something in return? All these religions/cults require offerings in return…a form of black magic, otherwise the entity will wreak havoc on your life. This alone should be a red light!

Love is a sharing…it does not expect to receive as it mimics the nurturing of Nature the unconditional love of the Mother.


Blessings, Alisa