Breaking!!! The Sun Amazing Picture from Two Days Ago

Posted by Sylvain on August 22, 2013 at 6:32pm in Spirituality In General
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It appeared as if “flames” were jumping off the sun… Extreme Wake up Call! Sol, Helois & Vesta & Mother Sekhmet


Folks, these extraordinary (5) photos were taken by a friend of a very close friend of mine. The photos were taken last evening (August 20th 2013) at Sunset, the person taking the photos lives in Burlington City, NJ. These were her comments with the photos.
If anyone has seen anything similar please let me know. These are just phenomenal photos!
Frank Chille

A quiet evening (Aug. 20th) was broken by banging on my door. “Come out, come out. The sun’s on fire”. Bring your camera.” And there it was. The most amazing sight I have ever seen. It appeared as if “flames” were jumping off the sun. It was a huge, complete, orange ball of fire, but the camera couldn’t capture it’s intense color. It did capture the “fire” and “flames”.

This was unbelievable. In the last pic, the sun is partially hidden by passing clouds. What in the world was this????

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