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straighttalkAfter discovering more and more people wake up and realize that something is really wrong with the society in which we live, a lot. OPPT as the first step into the consciousness I have so many people who have read about OPPT on Facebook or other sites is one that they do not have the knowledge / background of the story to understand the fundamental reasons for the foreclosures that took place. Or, for instance, that their governments are in reality business, or the existence of their straw man / Strawman.
Some great people, like Deryl and Paula have worked tirelessly to bring information to the public – templates and instructions for the UCC applications, helpful videos and so on. They sent me these talking points yesterday and I have found that it is a great tool for people when they try to explain the One People’s Trust those who do not understand what reality they live.
We will also explain to create short videos about the various points on …. very soon.
Talking Points 
First The Act of 1871 has made the United States a company in the District of Columbia.
Second In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was introduced, and the control over the creation of money was taken from the Congress and the Treasury Department. The Federal Reserve is a private bank and one foreign investors, not Americans. There are only a few central banks that are not part of the private Federal Reserve system, namely Iran, Cuba and North Korea. PS: The IRS is an agency of the central bank collecting money and not part of the government.
Third The stock market crash of 1929 was caused by the big banks. Most of them went back to before the collapse of the market, then came back and bought the shares for a fraction of its former value. This was the second sharp fall in the world economy.
4th In the 1930s, North America experienced a strong depression and the bankruptcy of the United States was held at the 1933rd It was during this time that the Bank for International Settlements convinced most countries the fact that they should have better all gold reserves instead of the countries themselves. Germany was building its military power, with the help of Prescott Bush.
5th The emergency-Bank Act (Emergency Banking Act) of 9 March 1933, 48 Stat Public Law (Public Law) 89-719, proclaimed by President Roosevelt declared bankruptcy and insolvency. HJR 192, 73 rd Congress, meeting of 5 June 1933 – joint decision to set the gold standard repealed, and the abolition of the gold clause raised to the sovereign rule of the United States and the official powers of all government agencies, officials and ministries.
6th In March 1933, the United States Constitution abolished and every citizen was therefore an enemy of the State of Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR). In April this year it is a FDR made available illegally that citizens had gold.
7th It was around this time that most of the countries, such as Germany and the United States, its citizens made to the existence of their business with the help of the “birth certificate”. This was the time when the people of this world have been SLAVES – unbeknownst to them himself.
8th The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 stipulated as the victors would divide the world through power-sharing deal among themselves.
9th In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was founded and it was agreed that a silent war against any citizen of the world should be conducted. Using social engineering methods (social engineering tools)
10th When President Kennedy was elected in 1960, he was made aware of this plan and he took it upon himself to correct this injustice. He was about to turn away from the central bankers and presented the U.S. banknotes that were backed by silver. Shortly after he signed that order he was killed. Lyndon Johnson lifted later this available and the banknotes were withdrawn from circulation.
11th 1971 Nixon has replaced the U.S. dollar from the gold standard, and through an agreement with Saudi Arabia, the U.S. dollar became the petro dollars.
12th In the 1970s, President Marcos of the Philippines was entrusted with the safekeeping of huge gold reserves. 10,000 metric tons, which had been stored under the World Trade Center. This trust fund was part of a legacy that was centuries old, were entrusted as kings and queens with this wealth and give it to their people. Unfortunately, corruption, greed and manipulation have prevented this.
13th In 2000, the UNITED STATES experienced again a bankruptcy, and the standard business model, which was based on a 70-year cycle, meant to start a new war by over falls countries, the population declined, took over their resources, the economy brought to collapse and then introduce a new currency. THE STANDARD BUSINESS MODEL
14th Another planned economic collapse of 2007/2008 was manipulated and the righteous people were taken away trillions of dollars.
15th Investigators of the Treasury AG (Ministry of Finance AG) looked at the financial structure as a whole and found that it permeated by systematic fraud and corruption was. This fraud and corruption continued at the alleged government and the justice system that should represent the people.Unfortunately, this was not more than a century been the case.
16th 2011, the United States Treasury Department has foreclosed the capital of the Federal Reserve System in the amount of 14.3 trillion dollars.When they realized that this action the systematic problems not yet remedied, the PUBLIC TRUST has taken action against all world actors and their agents by the UCC registrations and therefore seized the capital of this former governments / companies.
17th Note: THE U.S. BANK NOTE IS A PRIVATE BANK. The bills of the Federal Reserve include a private agency and it is not about the debt of the American people.
18th One of People’s Public Trust consists of trustees, whose job it is to ensure that the beneficiaries receive this trust fund “YOU” / “YOUR” the right to something that was bequeathed to them. Just as it should do, President Marcos actually, but it never did. He and other historical trustees have committed a “breach of the trust” and a “violation of the mandate.”
19th This former capital of the companies / corporations is now in the hands of the TRUSTEES. We encourage people to familiarize themselves with the Trust Fund, and if they choose to, they can fill out forms to allow them to have access to this trust fund.