Tara and Rama: Greetings!

TaraRamaTara: Oh my gosh everybody! I’ll just say that what’s happening right now, and I want to second what our Sisters have been saying, is that The Secret Places of the Lion are open,
Rama: Yeah!
Tara: And it’s now safe, and what we have been looking at has been the illusion of darkness, which has been covered up for the last thirteen thousand years, and these Secret Places of the Lion are instantaneously being opened now, and we do not need to be afraid anymore. And we went to visit a divine couple this last Sunday, and they have this beautiful little Buddha baby, four months old, and it’s just like totally recognizing consciousness, and awakeness, and Love and Light and Peace and Joy.

And this divine couple represents all races coming together as one. And the experience was that of Divine Grace, and our dear sister Sunny read us an I-Ching, and we shared this on the Cheryl Croci call. And before we give this story from Larry and Curlie, I just want to read a little piece of it. In the front it says:

A great tribe gathered, Love, Healing and Light were shared. All know we are One.” (And the number of the I-Ching is a double “d-u-i” doubled, and it’s number 58, it means ‘be open/expression, grow, harvest, trial’) “Spirits.. (this is the wisdom), “Spirits have been called, a long-closed doorway is opened. The interaction of excitement and pleasure brings opportunity closer. Your long-held desire for personal transformation and unity has arrived. The gifts of body, mind and spirit that you have withheld from yourself, your tribe, your family, are now ready to be released. It is safe. You have in effect been waiting for just the right time, or hoping there would be a right time and place to express what has been building up inside you. The fear of rejection now does not matter. It is not about how, or by whom, you will be received. Reception lies in Spirit, not in your tribe, not in your family, not in your relationship. By moving forward without self-judgment, you will be embraced, and in this embrace is the Love, is the Peace of mind, and is the abundance you have desired.”

And, they go on to say, “Don’t forget – we do this together.”

Rama: Right!

Tara: Each does their autonomous thing, yet together. And so it is. And I just want to relate this to one other piece, and it’s in The Secret Places of the Lion, in the prologue. And they said, “The negative opposing force, which always intends to hold man back, and keep him forever in the dark chains of brutish and beastliness, has been behind the destruction of the great treasure houses of remote antiquity. Examples would be the destruction of the Aton Tablets in Akhenaton’s Records Sanctum by the evil Ammun priesthood, after the great Pharaoh’s assassination.”

And I just want to take this to say, Rama had that experience of Akhenaton.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: And the Truth about this is that Akhenaton was not assassinated.
Rama: No!
Tara: And we knew how to create clones, and we did. And they killed the clone of Akhenaton, and Akhenaton was beamed up and brought to the new United States of Al Tia America world. In the story of Sir Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis, which he did not finish, he said, “I’ll be back, and so will you.” And you will make sure that what we begin here, back then at the time of Sir Francis Bacon, comes to fruition now.

And so the next piece says, the burning of the Alexandrian Library by fanatics in A.D. 389, the largest and most famous repository of antiquity containing over 700,000 volumes, comprising most of the literary treasures of the ancient world, an inestimable loss, which brought about the Dark Ages. Just so happens that Sister Tara here was a librarian of the Alexandrian Library, named Gyos, G-Y-O-S, and I committed the entire library’s content to my Akashic memory, and I was beamed out of there. They said that I died in the fire; I was beamed out of there, and I went from there to Rome, and I continued on. And my consciousness, even though it appears, and we have all done this, we’re remembering now.

Even though it appears that we may have died and come back, and died and come back, that is not the actual Truth. The Truth, and we’re getting it now, is that we have remained in consciousness and shape-shifted, and took on new forms in order to commit to our goodly company mission, and the mission is coming to fruition, and it’s coming to its accomplishment now.

OK, so now Larry and Curlie have a confirmation about that. Do you want to tell everybody what you learned?

Rama: Well today, I’ll just, the way I can describe it, Randi Rhodes today turned off the recording equipment, and just said I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants. She played a recording of then Senator Barack Obama, talking about going to Mars with Andrew Basiago, and visiting Mars, and the whole experience about surviving on the surface of Mars, meeting all kinds of lifeforms, and let’s say coming back in one piece.

And Randi Rhodes described today what is about to happen here called – full disclosure, first contact. And the whole issue that’s been going on about the fiasco of the ones who seemingly are in power, yet they hold no power. And the way she put it today, the House, they’re already done for the year. The House of Representatives basically has gone home, and they’re not going to work anymore, and the way she described it, this is a crime. The Senate is still in session.

And all of it all has to do with the one issue that is still being danced around. Hate is not a family value. And, it is about this one man who holds the key to this as the ninth member of the Council of Nine from Sirius. And this is the whole story, where what Larry and Curlie described to me today is something that is in the works here, that has to do with something that has been brewing for a long time, that’s in combination with the Archangelic Realms, all of the Beings out there, where as we’re crossing the Galactic Plane right now getting closer to the Milky Way Galaxy.

Tara: To the center of the Milky Way Galaxy…

Rama: To the center of the Milky Way Galaxy; what Larry and Curlie described is we’re about to go through something with this lunar cycle, the last new moon solar eclipse, through this cycle, a super portal is supposed to open.

Tara: And all of the Archangels have created it.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: In other words because the time is right right now, all of the Archangels have come together with all of Heaven, and decided to put this in our pathway, so that we don’t need to repeat the cycles of the old order anymore.

Rama: And the way it was put to me is, we are moving up in octaves so high with the frequency – we are going to be Love puddles basically with the frequencies, and these ones who have committed acts against their own higher selves, they’re going to have to deal with the energies that have basically committed them to removing themselves from the Planet, ’cause the frequencies are going to be so high, as this next cycle moves into place, it’s going to be very, very difficult to continue to create hatred and darkness.

Tara: Well it’s too hard for them to do,

Rama: Yes!
Tara: ..because there are too many people now that have their number. And the other part of this is that the process of them attempting to continue to make the market continue to rise with the quantitative easing; Larry and Curlie told us it’s going to be an all-of-a-sudden thing, and the thing is going to completely come down.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: It’s like Joshua in the battle of Jericho, and all the walls came tumbling down.

Rama: The Market took a tumble today, ’cause they started to talk about the Federal Reserve. And of course we know the Federal Reserve is gone, along with the IRS. The only things that are in place are repositories of goons that are collecting money for the cabal. That is the only thing that is there.

Tara: That Federal Reserve has been gone since January of 2007, and the IRS has been gone since February of 2007. And everything that we’ve been doing is only giving money to thugs. And that’s all that’s been going on. And in the sense, you know, they killed the clone of JFK.

Rama: Right!

Tara: And JFK took his oath as an Ashtar Command member. And remember the main reason that they killed a clone of him, even though they didn’t know it, is because Ruth Montgomery let him know that they were going to do that, and she saved his life, literally. And he’s been in the witness protection program, and he will be back. He’s ninety-six years old, going on ninety-seven. And he came in with Addison’s Disease, so something happened to mitigate that injury to his well being.
Rama: Yes!

Tara: As he has made it to this time, and he looks a lot younger than he appears, and he will be back. So this is the same repetitious story, but this time it’s a collective ah hah. Yes, we want Peace! And Thank God! So Peace it is! And we’re not in 3D anymore, we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Rama: No!
Tara: Peace and Love, the Lion has returned to bring us all home, and Mother says, “Let’s dance! It’s time to dance.” Namaste!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
© Ashtar on the Road Publications 2004-2013.  All rights reserved.