Tara & Rama: Greetings Sisters and Brothers!
Tara: OK, I was just ‘gonna read something that John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr. said, to start with. He said:

TaraRama“As the World presses in, and knowledge presses out, the role of the interpreter grows. Men can longer know everything themselves. The twentieth century has no universal man. All men today must learn to know through one another, to judge across their own ignorance, to comprehend at second hand. These arts are not easily learned. Those who would practice them must develop intensity of perception, variety of mental activity, and the habit of open concern for Truth in all of its forms. Where can we expect to find a training ground for this modern maturity, as it is not in our universities.”

And I’m ‘gonna say our universities [are] Galactic in nature; this is a University right here,

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And this seat that we all sit in right now. “And we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for,” and there’s been many things coming from Faction Two saying the IRS is gone, the Federal Reserve is gone, the Dinars are coming, NESARA is coming, and just to set the record straight, the Federal Reserve and the IRS have been gone since 2007, January and February!

Rama: Insolvent!

Tara: Well, the Declaration of Insolvency was in 2008. Yet, they were gone since January 2007, and so these revelations coming now; there’s one thing that absolutely has to happen first, and that is the arrests of all those who wish to stay in power without being stopped in their oversight of what they think this is supposed to look like. You know there’s been a fake NESARA out there for all these years, and Faction Two is latching onto that. It’s very important that we stick together here…

Rama: Yes!

Tara: …and we have to have the proper due process, and removal of those who have been in power. That has to happen first, and we have many good omens regarding those things, and Rama has a little story in his quest today, so let’s see what his story is about. He had a little visit with Rana Mu from 175 million years into the future.

Rama: Yes, I went and visited her at her office today. And, let’s just say, I was asking for what is the next step here? Where do we go from here? And she said, “Come with me,” and we went through a series of mazes within her office, and took me to this door that seemed to look like it went outside the building, and this is going up what looked like the road, and when she opened the door it wasn’t there. I was looking at something that looked like Fern Gully, and then that faded from view, and then I was looking down at this Planet that actually looked like it was like Earth, very similar to Earth, yet it was much larger.


And I almost took a step out the door, and she said, “Careful where you step, ’cause you know you have to watch what you’re doing, and where you’re going these days.” And I could feel the tug from the energies coming through this door, and it was quite literally like the energy of a black hole. And what she was explaining to me is, the dimensions are overlapping each other at this time, and the frequencies are increasing in magnitude that cannot quite be comprehended by the average man. And what she said is, “We are in a time of great influx since December twenty-first, where the frequencies have completely changed. Whatever you might think things are, think again, ’cause they’re not.”

And then I said, “So what Planet am I looking at?” And she said, “Hercolubus.” And I said “Oh, so this is ready for its new inhabitants.” And she said, “Yes, and it’s been ready, and folks have been going there whether we know it or not.” She also went on to describe what is going on in the moment here with the dimensional shifts that we’re experiencing in our bodies and all around us, and they’re distracting us with all of these other little issues that are going on in this so called 3D World. And I mean, it is just one distraction after another, and the one main thing that’s unraveling here that she said is, “This fake economy; the stories that are coming forth now is that it cannot hold itself up under its own weight.”


And the Dow is somewhere between fourteen ‘n fifteen. It is all fake. All of that is not based in real money, so to speak. And Max Keiser almost every other day is just saying, that the next step is to scrap it and start over. It is called NESARA, first and foremost. Randi Rhodes today, to go on with the rest of the story, Randi Rhodes shared today the story of the Medici Bankers, led it up to right here, right now, with Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain, and Randi Rhodes talked about him as the mystery man of Europe, who wandered throughout all the stories leading up to right here, right now.

Tara: And besides having an office in Washington and two in Virginia, he’s got one in Frankfurt, Germany, and one in Paris, France, and they all know him right here, right now.

Rama: He’s even got an office in the City, the Tower of London.

Tara: Yeah, the City, that’s right.


Rama: Yeah, and what Randi Rhodes was talking about is, the plug is being pulled right now on the economies of the Planet, and there is a complete changeover. Those rumors about things happening with the baskets of currencies, yes that is true, yet…

Tara: But there’s a certain order of events…

Rama: And first and foremost, the criminals need to be arrested in this moment, and that is the next little thing any time, anywhere, things are happening. And at the same time the distractions, I mean Randi Rhodes today talked about the criminality of what John McCain did by going to Syria and meeting with the rebels.

Tara: He violated the privacy of the Syrian People…

Rama: Yes!

Tara: …as a delegate from another country without permission.

Rama: And Randi Rhodes and even Greg Palast today said, “John McCain needs to resign immediately from Congress.”


Tara: The thing is that the biggest story here is that, we have to go back to the speech that Barrack gave on Thursday [May 23, 2013 at the National Defense University – that this war must end]. He essentially ended the era of Bush, is what he did that day. And the things that are being said in terms of what he is capable of doing, versus what he can do according to the Spirit of the Law. In other words the Spirit of the Law, along with the Constitution being that, allow him to remove those eighty six members at Guantanamo Bay and release them. Yet, until we do this appropriate measure of arresting those who have been continuing to attempt to hold tightly to the reins of power, they have access to things that can cause a lotta havoc.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And so this is, in other words, to provide the safety for all concerned here in a good way, that has to happen first now. These are the times now where the things are changing astrologically in a major way too.


Rama: I just wanted to say, the train derailment that occurred today [cargo train derailment and fire near Baltimore], that was another distraction the dark side set up.

Tara: That’s what we’re talking about. We say that they have access to causing havoc. There is something called the “Part of Fortune,” [to do with worldly success] and has aligned with Pluto, and that is coming up here towards the end of June. And, also towards the end of June, Jupiter goes into Cancer in our United States chart, which is a Cancer, along with the composite for June’s chart, Jupiter going into Cancer. What this portends, since Jupiter is the Planet of great wealth, is an opportunity for that to be the transfer of that wealth back into the hands of those we call “Blessed are the meek for theirs shall be the Kingdom of Heaven.” [“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth.” Matthew 5:5]  So, at the same time if this is true, we have a kite in the chart, and we also have a grand T-Square. So as we perceive beyond ignorance, beyond mere political gyrations, we go with the Spirit of the Law, the Zeitgeist of the Law. We can see that the grand T-Square can block those things which need to stay blocked, and then allow those who need to move forward into the Kingdom to do so with that kite spirit.


The kite spirit is Freedom, is the Spirit of anchoring with the Mother in the Earth, and then above the horizon all of our gifts are able to be expressed,with the blessings of Jupiter as the Planet of wealth. And it’s a very positive synchronicity. They don’t align exactly; there’s room for flexibility. These are the places where we use our intuition, and we use our spirit of creativity, and we work together. The power of being together cannot be [over] emphasized.


If there’s anybody who could have said it better or done it better, it was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And just let’s not forget that he’s alive and well, he has not left the Planet. That was a clone that they killed, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy is about ninety six, ninety seven years old now. And I understand that he’s been on the New Jerusalem numerous times, he’s traveled with the King of Swords on his starship. There are communications. Caroline’s talked to him. Teddy Kennedy’s not dead either. That was a clone that they took. All of these beings will come and they will tell their story, including Bill Clinton.


Rama: Just the way Rana Mu described it to me about the dimensions overlapping, this goes into the realm of cartoon physics. That’s what I call it. And if you ever saw a movie that came out in the ’90’s, into the early 2000’s, it was called “Cool World,” and it was about this detective that had to go from the real world into the cartoon world to help this lady solve a murder. And, it’s almost like that movie Michael Moore put together called, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Where it is cartoon physics which is coming into play here; this is the dimensions overlapping, where the Angels, the Fairies, the Hobbits, the Magical Beings, they’re right here, the Unicorns, and they’re looking at us, and they’re going, “Hello! And then we’re saying, OK, I see you, come on!” (Chuckle)


Tara: Yes, and Carl Boudreaux he said, “June’s composite chart represents, and marks the crossing of a threshold, and the whole landscape changes,” and he said, “It doesn’t go back again.”

Rama: No!

Tara: And he said, “That’s all through the rest of this year, and into the next,” and of course it’s up to us. And so what Rana Mu was showing Rama, ’cause he could see Hercolubus, it looks like Fern Gully.

Rama: Yeah! It’s beautiful!

Tara: Yet, there’s instant karma going on there.

Rama: That’s right!

Tara: And many of the ones here will be escorted by members of the Ashtar Command to Hercolubus, where they will be required to really call on Serapis Bey, the Master Disciplinarian, and on their thoughts, because they will have an instant rebound, and it will be experienced at the deepest level. They forfeited their DNA, they forfeited the heart energy, the twelve strand, and this will open it up again, and it will be a lesson of all lessons. And this is good, because really these souls are actually in agonizing, excruciating pain right now.


Rama: Yes!

Tara: And they have hopefully, an opportunity now with the Grace, of the Love, and the Peace, and the wishes of good blessings for every soul to take their bidding, and do the right thing now, coming from us. And we are the Peace-keepers, and I hold that for all souls. And we ask, yes, there is a practical aspect of this that, you all just carry us through a little bit, make a little extra, and give some contributions this time here. It’s very, very touchy how we get through this week. We now have the instant also manifestation of our giving and receiving form. Let’s do a little helping there. Thank you everybody, and we actually pass the Talking Stick to you !Thank you Sisters and Brothers!


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Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

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