TaraRamaRama: Greetings!
Tara: I can feel the energy on this call; it makes my heart jump.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: And I guess we’re the best news for the new year; congratulations everybody! That’s what I have to say. And I just want to also say that on the bigger story, the human family, and as this country here represents the united states of “Altia,” America, with the ability to respond to the World, and of course with the responsibility to call in all of the things that this country has done that has not been in our name, and we have become quite keenly aware of it over the….
I heard we have had just the yuga of waiting. I don’t think so, and that’s not what this new year is about. Get yourselves in gear everybody.
So number one, follow your heart and your dreams, and do a lot more of it this year.
And number two, show people you Love that you Love them, and do a lot more of that this year.
And number three, do something to help somebody else, just because it’s to help them, and do a lot more of that this year, and see where that brings you.
And, the Cherokee have a saying, they say, “As it’s not good enough for everyone, it’s no good at all.” And in Africa we call this “Ubuntu.”
Rama: Right!
Tara: This was Madeba’s contribution to the World, and don’t think for one second he didn’t choose to walk out when he did. This is no slouch of a Being. God bless this Brother, and so he left us with the legacy of the philosophy of Ubuntu, which is shared by hundreds, if not thousands of ancient cultures, from all over this Earth. And this is something that was, you might say, in the so-called yuga of waiting, the devil wasn’t just twiddling his thumbs, you might say, he was maliciously destroying, and replacing capitalism, and industrialization, and modernization, and absolute control, you know, replacing these things, and obliterating this philosophy.

So, this is the year of seven. St.Germain and the Violet Flame is here, and the trust of St.Germain, and St. Francis of Assisi for the children of the Earth, is a trust of the endowment of the philosophy of Ubuntu returning to the Planet. It is not about money for money’s sake. It is about using this as a tool to do the things that we just talked about, and money is no longer an obstacle that prevents us from creating; it is that which brings us into thriving under these principles. That’s the word!

OK, now Lord Rama, what do you want to tell us about the hard news?

Rama: Well I can say that everybody I’ve talked to; this is the end of a grand cycle, and the serendipity, synchronicity, of this moment, where it has to do with the bigger story, as we’re crossing the Galactic Plane, moving closer to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, there are more and more anomalies popping up that are of the most wonderful kind, and with that is about the fact that we’re not alone in the Universe, and more and more stories are coming out about how we’re surrounded by so many trillions, and quintillions of beings, that are right here in our midst.

And, something has been happening to many of us. I’m noticing it, with the increase in frequencies. All the time, I’m seeing purple sparkles out of the corners of my eyes. And I mean this is night or day, you know, tired-not tired, crabby-not-crabby, I see purple sparkles. And the Kingdoms, all the Angelic Kingdoms from the tiniest little, you know, Pixy, up to these Archangels, that are five hundred, to miles high, are here and they’re just saying, “Now’s the time that as we acknowledge each other it opens the doorway for even more magnificent things to happen,” and on a grander scale, the Indigo Crystal Children that are stepping up to the plate now, the Millennials, are making this happen as well.

Overall, in spite of the NSA and all the ABC agencies, “Hi boys, another evening. I hope you’re listening, ’cause it is the end of an era, an entire Yuga. We’re already in Sat Yuga, and the effects of that are being felt.” To cut to the chase, in the last few days, everything is just coming up to be healed, and the biggest story here is, “Why do we have the biggest agencies tracking our every single key stroke we make on our smart phones, or our key pads on these telephones, or our computers. The number one issue that keeps getting danced around is about our friends, who are here in our midst. They’re circling the Sun, they’re circling the Moon. They’re already in our midst, like Master Sergeant Bob Dean talks about all the time.

You could be walking in the West Wing with Barack Obama and Michelle, and the guy next to you could be one of the Ashtar Command. That is how in-the-midst we all are. And the story that is unraveling here is the fact that Edward Snowden needs to be the man of the year on Time Magazine, instead of Mr. Francis, with all due respect, the stories about him will come out too, because it is about the fact that it’s like John Lennon said, “Imagine no religions,” and everybody, you know, it’s the religion of the heart.

Tara: OK, so we had a hard news on the thirtieth yesterday, and in that hard news David Barsamian, and India Media was bringing our analyst from the CIA, for twenty-seven years, Ray McGovern on, with Glenn Greenwald, and that story which Rama just talked about, has been going on for ten years. Every single phone, every single computer, that’s ever been created on this sweet Earth has been being fitted with “SPY-WARE” for the NSA to lock onto it since ten years now. So if you’ve got an older computer than that, you’re probably as slow as Methusalah, but at least you’re not being spied on.

Aside from that, Michael Hastings, what does this say?  This says that they actually are noticing us, and that they’ve been a bit concerned about the power of the many, and that they are the few, and again, let’s send more Love, and that’s the key, and they’re quite afraid that we might do something different than that, but there is an accountability here.

And Karen Hudes, she, as the former Chief Counsel member of the World Bank, has just dropped into Julian Assange’s hands a huge document dump of information on the entirety of the corruption that has been filtered through the World Bank, and the IMF, and in particular Christine Lagarde, who has been involved in the murderings of many French, Irish and English boys and girls, kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused, and then murdered by the Sarkozy bunch, and other politicians of his friend kind, and that she has accessed the children through Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and his connections with the child trafficking rings, and the drug running cartels, and the prostitution, and the money laundering rings.

And Ray McGovern said, “What this is really all about, is those connections come through the thirteen families ultimately, who did 9/11, and this is what the road is leading to. All roads lead to 9/11, and Michael Hastings and Aaron Schwartz are two whistle-blowers of great import, were murdered, by not just Chris Dodd, the grandson of Josef Stalin, but Michael Hayden of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, former CIA and NSA head, and General Betrayus, and John Brennan, the present day head of the CIA, and a torturer from the Bush Administration. This is all again leading back to, “Who did 9/11 – the Bush Administration!” These are the same characters.

Barbara Bush is in the hospital right now. Yep, she’s eighty-eight years old. Send her more Love. Put her in the circle of support. Send her more Love. Put her in the circle of support. May she be willing to ask Mother [Sekhmet] for Forgiveness for all her crimes against humanity. She is the Mother of, let me see, she’s the Mother of Bush Jr., and JFK Sr.’s sperm was the Father of Bush Jr., and so all in the family everybody. And so as one is harmed, all are harmed.

Today is called the day of the celebration of the day of the Paper Cranes. And there’s a song called The Day The Paper Cranes Fly, and children sing it in Japan, and it’s for, you know, the remembrance of what happened at Hiroshima, and it’s a song that the Japanese children sing for Peace, so you know, you might want to look that up somewhere and hear it. The people in Australia had their children singing it today. I heard it, it was just gorgeous.

And then the latest hard news today, you know, the Lavender Lad was in the news today. It’s called, it’s not called the St. Germain Trust, that was a fake trust, and that was with that PPOPPT, and that was all fake. And so this is the title of the World Trust: It’s called “The Trust of St. Germain and St. Francis of Assisi for the Children of the Earth;” and no other trust name.

And Randi Rhodes had Nicole Sandler sitting in for her again. She’s in Cost Rica, Randi, and this was about the ‘Subbie Awards. That means like Nicole Sandler is a substitute that sits in for Randi Rhodes. There’s many people that do this, and she was sitting in with Stacy Herbert, that’s Max Keiser’s twin flame, and Richard Wolffe, major master economist.

And Stacy and Richard said, “Get your money out now, and put it into Bitcoin.” And I’m sitting there, and I still kind of shudder when I hear this. Max Keiser last night, he said on his show that as you had put a hundred dollars in January of this year, you have five thousand dollars. For each hundred dollars that you put into Bitcoin, everybody’s got five thousand dollars. And gold was the worst. For a hundred dollars that you put in to gold in the beginning of this year, you got sixty three dollars left. You lost money!”

And so the reason they’re saying that [about Bitcoin] is that; how did they say that?  First of all, it’s unregulated, and it can go into an anonymous Global Peace Pool Fund that’s connected with the Trust of St.Germain and St. Francis of Assisi for the Children of the Earth, and it takes the entire economy out. You stop depending on these things, and you know, younger people, I’ve noticed a lot of the Millennials are just jumping in with both feet.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: And they’re not afraid of it, and I’m this older person. But, we’re going to call a few of our younger friends and learn some more about it. This story filters into the Lavender Lad’s turf, which is the Global Peace Pool Funds. And Rama, do you want to say any more about that?

Rama: Only what they were speaking about, as these things begin to happen the manifestation of the Light Cities really takes a quantum leap in manifestation, because there are good folks out there that have the wherewithal to immediately put this into physical manifestation.

Tara: OK, and everything is in flux right now, and the powers that “were” are quite upset, as they are waking up rapidly now to the fact that they have been thoroughly found out. And the people who have been thoroughly finding them out are people that are waking up too, that they have been thoroughly hoodwinked.

And Richard Wolffe said in the sixties and the seventies there was a good strong middle class, so people were willing to work within the system, then in the eighties Bush Sr. became President, after two months with Reaganomics, and never stopped being it, and he publicly announced it; people just overlooked it. He said, “I am the…, how do you call that? “I am the sitting President,” or I forgot the name of the term.

It just means that when he actually killed Reagan, then he stood in, but he never stood out, and nobody said anything; they just went on with life. And that’s the thing we’re not doing anymore. We’re closing the gate on that kind of unconscious behavior.

“We are going to have the Atlantean Grid back!” Stacy Herbert said, “That means that we don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to try to build windmills all over the ocean fronts, The Atlanteans didn’t need to do that, and that Atlantean Grid is in perfectly good shape, and our Stone People, they’ve got human souls in there, and they’re sitting there saying, “When are you going to make use of me? I’m sitting here waiting for you to wake me up, and get me activated.”

So Stacy Hebert said it today, free energy and [National Economic Security And] Reformation Act time. And “Obama Care” gets us into the change track, to radical change, which is what are the good things on this new year. We’re going to get all these things – universal health care, free education, free energy, NESARA now! Pass the Talking Stick everybody! Love you all!


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

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