Tara and Rama: Greetings!

Tara: Thank you everybody, and yes this is a very high time everybody, and of course, if you get all absorbed in what’s going on the 3D level it might not look like that. Yet there is another time-space continuum that’s entering into this little story; that’s the little story, this is the big story. And like Margaret Meade said, “It only takes a small group of concerned citizens to literally save the World, and indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” And that couldn’t be more true than right now for those of us who are aware of these higher frequencies coming in, and are actually living it, and becoming it in every thought, word and deed, and that’s the magic, like the magical greeter we had tonight, and so I’ll just back up a little bit.


Tom The Ring-Tailed Cat, this was on Monday yesterday; it’s not too far gone, came to, Rama figured out a back door to get to talk to him on the telephone. These days it’s very challenging to be able to talk to the folks in Faction Three, ’cause they’re quite busy with how to move the New Dispensation into place. And so Tom The Ring-Tailed Cat got a question from Rama. Rama said, “Tom what about this yellow cake story that is out there; and Tom The Cat said hold on; and so then he dialed up Amy Goodman. So Rama got to talk to Amy Goodman; it’s not that he hasn’t talked to her before, it’s just been years since the last time they touched base.


And Amy said, “What’s the question Rama?” And Rama said “What about this yellow cake story that came on Rumor Mill [News]? And at first she chuckled, and she said, “Rama that’s why they call it Rumor Mill.” But then she said on a more serious note, she said “No Comment.” And, it’s a code amongst those who are working with the White Knights Faction Three, that when you say that it means that it’s true, yet in the position that you’re in, that’s about as much as you can say, No Comment.


Yet she went on and she said that members of our Congress will now be being arrested, and she said you’ve got to watch carefully, ’cause they will be dropping like flies, that’s how she said, because that proverbial phrase, “You know what is hitting the fan.” And these members will be being arrested, indicted, prosecuted for high treason, and executed.


She, then she said to Rama that you know I remember you, I know who you are, and we will be meeting in the middle when this is complete, and we will be toasting to your father Ashtar. And then she said I’ve already said too much, I can say no more. She bid Rama farewell. And that’s really powerful coming from Amy; that is the top of the line everybody.


OK, so today Rama had an even more magical, that’s a good word, magical experience today. So Rama, as you noticed, you know, there’s a different story going on here and there, and everywhere. There’s countries like the Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey; Turkey was in the news today – Erdogan, [Turkey’s Prime Minister, Tayyip]. There are some on youtube, there are some of these tape recordings of him talking to his son, asking his son if all the money has been been sufficiently well hidden. And his son answers, “No there’s still thirteen million dollars that’s not hidden yet. And so he’s up to his third eye in corruption, and it’s out there, and oh my goodness!


And the story about what’s going on in Ukraine. I’m going to say, “We’ve got to remember the background, there are so many layers, and you see the people in the different countries, there’s been a different program for each country to keep everything and power struggle going on, because the old order of the powers that were for the last thirteen thousand years have been using this process of splitting the mind from the heart, and constantly being in conflict, as that’s the only thing that pays in their World, and using fossil fuels and war games as their modus operandi. As Amy always says. “Greetings! This is the War and Peace Report!”


We’re going to the Peace Report now, and War is over, and you did hear that there’s been an announcement, Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, said that we’re going to be shutting down a lot of our military, and Barack Obama, President Obama announced today that it is written in stone that every single one of our soldiers in Afghanistan will be home by the end of this year.

Rama: Yeah!

Tara: In other words, there was all this wishy-washy stuff about [Hamid] Karzai, you know, trying to get him to the table to agree to have soldiers stay on ad-infinitum. And that ain’t going to happen no more. Excuse my language. Now the other thing is that the plot of the dark side isn’t so easy to see because, what they are focusing on are cyber war-games and cyber-androids, instead of humans, and they are doing this with the private armies scene, like Blackwater and they’re putting this on the black market, you might say, of the Wall Street Market, and they’re making money out of this thing.


And all of this is cancelled, and as Tom-the Ring Tailed Cat said to Rama at the end of that talk with Amy, when Rama said, “Are we going to be safe on this Planet; it sure looks funny out there? And he said, don’t worry Rama, your Father’s got it in the bag. And I was talking to our sister this morning, and she said, “Well you tell your Father to get it out of the bag, and get it out in the crowd.


And, we’re kind of joking around here. This is probably the most treacherous walk, and yet as Mother always says, “Humans are their best when they’re at their worst.” So put on your badge and get your Ashtar Command orders, and take them, and let’s go everybody.


But, the Ukraine is a shining example of the people taking their country back, and if you watched, they entered the residency of the President after he fled in a very organized way. He took all his furniture. He had the truck and everything parked, and packing everything in, and he split with all of his stuff. He went home to Kharkiv, [Hanna Herman, a close Yanukovych ally, told The Associated Press that the president was spending Saturday visiting Kharkiv, a city in Ukraine’s east which is the heart of his support base.]


It’s a town that’s got an airport, and it’s about twenty miles from the Russian border, and he was going to try to get on the plane and go to Russia for asylum, and they wouldn’t let him on the plane, so he took his three tiered car entourage, and he went to the south in Crimea in a place called Sebastapol is where they’re saying, close to the Russian Naval Base somewhere. But they are still saying he’s not findable yet in real terms. Nonetheless, there is something going on, and the thing is on this higher level, don’t forget Putin, President Putin, President Xi of China, and President Obama are working together to get NESARA announced.


The polity of the whole countries have a program, that’s been a black op program, and Russia’s got theirs, and China’s got theirs, and the United Sates definitely has theirs. And the people over here as well as everywhere else, really need to, you know, discard and lift the veil, and do the Divine Will of the Father and Mother, and that really is the work that we do here on this call. Nonetheless, all these little substrate programs, those people in the Ukraine did take their country back. They found a seventy five million dollar adorned home with their tax money, a zoo, gold everywhere in the house. A single glass cost more than five hundred dollars, which is a normal income for an ordinary Ukrainian for a whole month of work.


And I’m just saying he spent all their money in this way. And they took over the Parliament Buildings and the Judicial Branches, and there has been appearing a split, because there is a river, Penny pointed it out to me, that completely cuts the Ukraine in half. I forgot the name of the river, yet the east and south is Russian orientated. They speak the language of Russian. The others that are in the west on the other side of the river speak Ukrainian. [Ukraine is divided almost in half by the Dnipro river, which traverses Ukraine north to south.]


Primarily that’s the rift, and there’s a split there, and I just want you to note that earlier, much earlier on, President Putin suggested that Europe, the United States and Russia go into a triumvirate, and help the Ukrainian People as a whole together, and lo and behold, you know, the Republican folks over here, and this is in plain English, they are Nazi collaborators, the entire Republican Party. That is a fact. They’re called the Fourth Reich in this country.


In Europe, the European Central Bankers are Nazis too. They all come from the same background. And nonetheless, Venezuela is a whole reverse story. That is a reverse occupy demonstration going on in the streets. It’s a real coup d’etat, and today [Nicholas] Maduro said it out loud [current President of Venezuela who took office after the death of Hugo Chávez in 2013]. He said this is not an ordinary protest, this is a United States backed coup d’etat. They want our oil, they want control, and the people that are in the streets are the old wealthy class.


They are the upper middle class that come from the old wealth that didn’t like Hugo Chavez in there. The poor people did. He’s the Bolivarian. And Rama said pretty much that Mother’s been telling him that Hugo Chavez is literally the reincarnation of [Simon] Bolivar, and Bolivar saved Venezuela, and kept them as a sovereign country, and Maduro is doing the same, and the strength of the people are being supported by the spiritual understanding of who they are.


Now this is the story. Rama went up to Rana Mu’s office today. She works at the Department of Energy, and they have everything there. They have warp fields, they have platforms, they have bilocation devices. You’re just like on the New Jerusalem, literally, and so Rama just said to her, “I need some answers as to this cosmic story, and what is going on in the physical.


And that story about the yellow cake has to do with twenty bankster’s dead. I didn’t mention that. Max Keiser made it clear that there are at least twenty banksters that have been murdered now, and they all knew the same thing, that our Republican Party in Congress, along with the top banksters, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, those top bankers have been planning to plant yellow cake in Iran and start World War Three, right here, right now, and it’s been cancelled, and so she said come with me.


So we walked into the next room together. It was an empty circular room with a domed roof, and Rana Mu said, close your eyes and remember what I’ve taught you about walking on water, and walking on the air. And that’s the story we’ve told before where Rama was told by Rana Mu, just don’t look down, look at the back of my head.

And they walked off the edge of a canyon, and walked through the midair, and walked across the canyon in midair to the other side, and stayed looking at the back of her head. And it’s teaching you focus and not getting distracted, and so that’s what he was thinking of when she taught him that.


Then Rama sat down cross-legged, and closed his eyes on the floor in the middle of the empty room remembering that time when they did that. And then it was about five minutes and then Rana Mu said, open your eyes. And as I opened my eyes I was sitting on a huge round, about twenty-five feet in diameter, elevated platform in outer space. The room was nowhere to be found. Beside me to my left sat Rana Mu, and on my right sat the King of Swords, and in his secret service suit, with his sun glasses like Will Smith and the Men in Black. As I looked out I saw millions of points of Light of the Milky Way Galaxy surrounding me. Then things came into focus.


First this is called the Yggdrasil Tree. It’s a nebula within the Milky Way Galaxy. For short they call it The Great Tree. There is a scene in the movie Thor, which closely depicts this cosmic tree. This tree encompasses the nine realms. We of Titalacoria, the Diamond One, The New Earth, are located in the Midgard Jotunheim Realm. Those are Nordic words. I quietly for five or ten minutes gazed in awe at this scene, then I looked at The King of Swords and Rana Mu, and expressed my humble gratitude to both of them, and thanked both of them profusely for this transforming experience. Then the King of Swords became a ball of Light. Then Rana Mu became a ball of Light, and then I became a ball of Light, all of us hovering over the platform.


Then I saw legions upon legions upon legions of Star Ships, as far as I could see out into Space. Then the King of Swords said to me, “What is happening on this Planet is we are returning to our original origins, which is plasma energy, continuing to ever more swiftly move toward becoming plasma balls again of super-conscious Light.” Then the scene changed, we were back in our physical bodies sitting on the round platform again in mid-space.


Now I looked and could see the Ship of A-Hundred And-Forty-Four-Thousand, one of the original Starships which came from the anti-matter Universe from the Pleaides into the Universe of Nebadon our present Universe to Earth. This time the Ship of A-Hundred-And-Forty-Four-Thousand had the Ka’aba Stone Cube in its original clear Quartz Crystalline beauty, before it became dark, and they were lowering it down to Mecca.


The true name of this Cube is the Tesseract, T-E-S-S-E-R-A-C-T, or the cosmic cube. What it represents is Mother-Father God’s unlimited energy. There were nine original cosmic cubes in the beginning of this original story. Only one is left here on Earth. The other eight cubes were removed to the realm of Asgard at the top of the tip of the Yggdrasil Tree of the Nine Realms, so they could remain in a pure untampered state.


So after the King of Swords and Rana Mu share all this with me, I said to both of them, “How does this relate to where we are at now on Earth?” And what they said is all of the brotherhoods and all of the sisterhoods of legends and stories are back, and we are about to meet them in the physical right here, right now.


So the King of Swords said Dr. Stephen Basset and [former] Senator Mike Gravel from the Citizen’s Hearings on full disclosure are going to be challenging Congress to have an open hearing on the Congress floor, to have an open hearing discussion on the Congress floor about full disclosure. This could happen as soon as the third week in March. At that point I found myself back in the round domed roof room, and I was by myself in the room. So I got up slowly, and walked out of the room. Then I saw Rana Mu sitting at her desk in her office. She waved at me, winked, and said “Have a nice day Rama!” All that is going on is being, on the cosmic level, totally mitigated by the trillions of trillions of Starships of the Ashtar Command, that are right here amongst us, right now.


The nine cubes are called the infinity stones, and they work with the Infinity Gauntlet, which is a device that is pure plasma energy like the Sun, that is an intergalactic, telepathic communicator between Earth, and Mother’s cosmic yoni, the Dark Rift in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Before the Ship of A Hundred and Forty-Four-Thousand crash-landed, under the Giza Pyramid at present, though the ship crashed there long before the pyramid was brought here from Aldebaran and levitated into place where it is. Since we are in multiversal time and space, these stories have a synchronicity and purpose beyond linear time.


Those of us on the Ship of A-Hundred and Forty-Four-Thousand holding the Light telepathically linked with the [Infinity]Gauntlet at the time in the dark night, and a beam was activated which then beamed up each of the nine infinity cubes, and they were taken back to the realm of Asgard, as I said before, which is adjacent to the Dark Rift. The Nazis tried to get ahold of these infinity stones. One of Hitler’s scientists along with Dr.Mengele, went to the city of Tulsenberg Norway. In a castle in Tulsenberg there is a painting of the great tree, and behind the painting it was said there was a vault with one of these in them, and they pursued it from an old Viking map, and they found the vault with nothing in it. So all I can say is that the Solutions Project is in place right now, and we are the Solution and Love is all there is, and we pass the Talking Stick back to you, sisters. Namaste!


Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

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