The Independent 

At least three people have died in a California school shooting, sheriff’s officials said.

An official with the Tehama County Sheriff’s office said the shooter had also died after opening fire at a local elementary school.

The alleged assailant was killed by “law enforcement bullets” after opening fire, Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters.

Mr Johnston said that “a number of students” had been medically evacuated from the school, which had been cleared. Other students were moved to a safe location, he said.

He said around 100 law enforcement officers had been deployed around the town of Rancho Tehama and were investigating “at least five scenes” related to the shooting.

“We are spread thin but we have a lot of resources right now”, the deputy said.

An area man identified as Brian Flint told reporter Jim Schultz that he had heard his neighbour was the shooter. He said the neighbour “has been shooting lots of bullets lately — hundreds of rounds”.

“We’ve made it aware that this guy has been crazy and he’s been threatening us”, the man said.