TheFamily Gathering Tele-Conference,

onThursday,March 21, 2013, at 7:00pm mountain time, in Santa Fe NM.


Hatonn282Guest speaker, Peter spoke on something new he learned about Atlantis…..and more. Allen: Born in Hawaii, now lives in Alb NM, spoke beautifully, and lovingly of the value of being still. (please excuse the mic issues) Then Casper, the reincarnation of our dog, spoke of how some circumstances delayed his reappearance. He will be back. Hatonn told of how the lower energies have interfered with clearing out of some of the old energies. He also spoke of the Galactic Centers and the protection energy that has been in place around the planet at the various sites for the destined centers. …..and more. Horus spoke of the increase of the inner glow of the central sun in Hollow Earth, through Inner earth and on beyond the surface. He spoke of Zorra, Zaraya, and Quasar and their forthcoming entrance into Hollow earth. Then there were questions and sharing, as well as some Mushaba Force info from Anakhanda.

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