Sorry to see you don’t allow comments on your videos.
I just wanted to say EXCELLENT interview with Stephen!!  One massive component that he is totally missing and that is any sense of spirituality.  I was SHOCKED at how dumbfounded he was when you gave your
ideas about the near future.  Your comments shut him right down,, he was stumped! (MEN!!)  You handled him very well, with kindness, consideration and professionalism.  But its just shocking that he is missing the most important aspect and that is a sense of spirituality, faith, connection to Source, etc… Our Star Family will come forward when we are spiritually ready, when our consciousness allows. You really can’t be in the ET/UFO mindset without diving deeper into spirituality and consciousness.
I was healed years ago by Beings of Light from hospice and have been visited many times.  I have also met non-earth “humans”, face to face.  There are approximately one million walking among us observing, reporting, mixing in, healing energies, etc… They are here, but they are waiting for us to step up to the plate and raise our vibration.  They wont do it all for us, but they will meet us half way otherwise, what would we learn?
Thank you for that excellent interview with Stephen, I think he is amazing in his mission.  Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to watching more of your videos and interviews.  Women are where its going to be in the coming future of this planet as the male energy just has to go already.  They have done enough damage for a very long time.
Love & Gratitude!