Dearest Alexandra:
I’m a professional healer and author with my own practice and organization and I’m a consistent viewer of your videos.  I wanted to write and express HOW impressed I was with the handling of the interview with Stephen Basset (which I just viewed).  I got nearly nauseous when he expressed his vision for the next 5 months — not necessarily because it was so bleak (which it was) but because it is so far removed from what my guidance tells me.  You finessed that transition so incredibly well by standing in what you believe based upon your guidance, and transformed a tense moment into a renewed direction for the interview while remaining true to your guidance and perspective (without demeaning his).  Very, very well done.
Truth be told, I watch you consistently because you’re one of the few individuals working out there right now who gets the same general information I get — nearly uniformly, but with perhaps different subtleties.  Stephen’s expectations for what the next few months hold isn’t at all what I’m being told.  I understand why he thinks as he does, but it isn’t the outcome Source is sharing with me.  YOUR outcomes are more in alignment with what I’m being told.  It’s a validation of your work, honestly.
Anyway, well done in that interview.  Really well done.  I don’t generally write people with this kind of stuff, but I really had to reach out to you today with this thumbs up for a job extremely well done.
Sincerest blessings, Alexandra.