Hi, to begin I like to apologize for not writing any feedback on all the previous processes and the reason was that to me there was nothing to write about since in my mind I’ve not experienced any changes in or around me while I was having them done to me, well to my surprise all this changed and the mind set I’ve had about what was really going on with me went out the door when I met Jerry and the reason I’m saying this is because up to that point I have read a lot of people’s experiences and done a lot of research on all aspects of the different things to expect after these different processes are performed on you but to me it was very difficult to find any that will fit my criteria to compare with my own experience and this is why I could not have recognized or notice any particular changes in me that I could pin point at any particular time, but after meeting with Jerry though everything changed; I really don’t know how to put this in words but I’ll try to explain the best I can.

To begin let me say that I never ask any difficult or hard to answer questions, we just had a conversation, that’s it, and this is why to me shock me the most we just started to talk and he started to explain and talk about how things are suppose to work and that’s how it went, well as simple as it sounds everything far from it, my head started it to spin and while he was talking I was just listening but inside of me it felt like all of the past little experiences that I never felt before starting to show like if my brain circuits were connecting and searching for all of that lost data in my mind, it was like if my mind was going back into my archives in my head and while he was talking all I was saying at some point was either HHuuuu or Wowww because I could not just understand all of what was happening but also what my mind was trying to do while I was listening to him at the same time as all this was happening in my head, it looks like it my consciousness was trying to compile or putting together a picture of what this was so I could get it better, at this point the only changes I had or felt that I can recall, like I said it before, there was none of particular importance. I would either categorize it as something normal or nothing out of the ordinary the only changes that I was aware of and that is because people had noticed were physical and behavior changes.

Now to make a long story short let me express the impact that this meeting had left in me and what in my own words I think Jerry was there to do and represent to me for my own growth and development; first I should say that all of the previous statements I said that I never had any particular experiences were wrong and the reason I said this is because after the meeting with Jerry I came to the realization that such experiences happened; I was just never fully aware of them because after the meeting I started to go back to all the things I could recollect and all small things I used to think there were nothing but normal, ever since the meeting all that has changed because such small things were indeed all changes that were occurring to my body and my mind but I was unable to acknowledge or recognise them but thanks to Jerry they all came back to me and now I’m totally aware of them thanks to him because even though he was unaware that all of this things were happening to me while he was talking it make me realise that he was there just to do that show me that path that I did not take notice before and now I’m more aware of and just like a god send that only with his words he had delivered a message just by talking and having a simple conversation and for bringing that bright light that illuminated that part of me that I was just looking at with a small dim candle light, for that I’m very grateful to him and all of Galactic Connections team that with their help and willingness to help all of us in search of a better understanding of this reality we are living in they are in their own simple ways light bringers for all of those that choose to seek and for all of that I thank you and hope that light never goes out… THANK YOU.