When I had the IRP done, I went into a meditative state and was sensitive to sensations in my body, behind my eyes, and felt very drowsy.  I could see an aura of white and blue colors with my eyes closed.  I could feel energy shifting throughout my body. After very few minutes, I fell asleep.  Upon awakening, I did not feel anything immediately.  But after a few days, I did begin a detoxification process.  Many negative images and past memories came to the surface.  I blessed them and let them go.  I felt like it was a purging process and understood not to cling to or react to these images.  At one point, they became very intense, and I struggled with feelings and emotions.  I cried a few times and blessed the process and let it all go.  This lasted for over a week and finally eased up.  Following this, I felt changes happening in my body that are hard to describe.  There were twinges, odd aches and pains, and what I felt were urges to take better care of my body and develop healthier eating habits.  I have felt an increase in my awareness of many things over this time and powerful intuitive hits.  After about six weeks, I finally decided it was time for me to proceed with the SA.

During the SA, I had a similar experience as before, but the sensations were much more intense.  I could feel energy flowing through me, up my legs as I was lying down, and up through my torso, solar plexus, heart and throat.  They were intense and powerful energy surges. I again saw the color auras behind closed eyes.  I became very groggy and fell asleep quickly.  I awoke briefly 7 minutes before the hour was up, when I again closed my eyes because I could still feel the powerful energy flowing through me so I went with it and fell asleep again. I finally awoke completely nearly twenty minutes after the hour.  I don’t know if the intensity was so much more intense because I am more sensitive to it now or because I have been detoxing my body since the first of the year, eating vegetarian and drinking detox tea, which I find makes me intensely more sensitive to energy, and gives me greater clarity of mind.

When I awoke this morning, the energy was still flowing through me intensely.  It was palpable throughout my entire body all night which I would feel when I awoke briefly. I could feel my body vibrating at an extremely high rate more so first thing in the morning.  Today, I visited a holistic garden near my home where they grow organic vegetables and sell honey.  The proprietor is a friend of mine and as we walked and talked, I could feel high vibrations and tremendous emotions of love for her and this sacred place.  I’ve lived near this farm for over six years, and the energy has never been this intense.  I felt like I was picking up on the energy in the land and the people who work it, as I never have before.

I told my friend, the proprietor and head gardener that I have had her on my mind a lot lately and told her what I had been seeing.  She told me that I was right on target, and that what I saw was exactly what had been happening to her and my premonition was accurate.  It was all good news in her life and I congratulated her on her success.  This was another intuitive hit for me and I learned that I can trust what I feel.  Perhaps this aspect of me is healing.  Trusting my insight more and acting on the nudges from spirit to go where I may be needed.

I am learning to listen to my inner self more and trust what I hear and feel.  I feel myself changing with shifts in my perspectives and solar plexus urges.  I am learning to trust the feeling communications I receive and seek more answers from within.  I have noticed ladybugs in my life a lot lately.  Lady bugs are like an animal totem to me and when great changes happen in my life, they always appear.  I am more aware of what is around me now than ever before, and am learning to read the signs.  I’m learning to extend myself out and feel for answers.  Hopefully as time goes on, more profound changes are coming to help me awaken fully.

Next is the DNA process and am extremely optimistic for this to happen.

Thank you for your help and assistance.

With kind regards,