Hi Alexandra,

Not sure if I have sent my story to you before but it will help explain my role in the ascension process going on on the the Planet at the moment.

This might sound like a strange statement but let me explain.

I have just finished an amazing book by someone called Simon Peter Fuller who is from the UK and the following is my Amazon review of it:

‘This book provided the final missing piece in the puzzle of my life. I have tried for 37 years ( I am now 67) to make sense of all the dreams and visions I have had during that time and although I have been given clues as to what they were all about, this book pulls it all together for me in the most exciting and inspirational way. I found this book on the ‘free table’ outside out local op. shop so while it didn’t exactly fall off the shelf in front of me, the title, the cover photo, the blurb on the back cover and the fact of it being free were enough for me to grab it without a second thought.
We are indeed on the cusp of a new age and in fact have already entered it with a rise in our vibration so great it has propelled us to the 5th density vibrational level bypassing the fourth where negativity still exists. This is the “Dawn of the Age of Aquarius” as they say and I am so looking forward to finally celebrating our arrival to this wonderful state which is literally “Heaven on Earth”. Thank you so much Simon Peter Fuller and all your friends and colleagues from Wholistic World Vision who have worked so hard to rebirth the Christ Consciousness back here on Earth. This is indeed the time of the Second Coming but not in the way that the major religions would have us believe. This is the Christ Consciousness infusing each of us as individual human beings with the Love, Light, Peace and Power of God. ‘I am the Love that I am. I am the Light that I am. I am the Peace that I am, I am the Christ in God. I Am that I Am. This book is highly recommended to all who are seeking the truth of who we as human beings with a soul truly are – Divine Sparks of the One and Only Creator God of Love.’

What I am saying here is that we have ‘made it’ and the trouble and torment of the aeons past is finally over. You have had such a huge part to play in this amazing drama and I take my hat off to you for all you have put in and sacrificed to bring our collective dream into reality.

I have been to your web page and made a donation but I doubt that Babylonian Money Black Magic is going to have much value in the coming days.

I alluded to the dreams and visions I have experienced for more than half my life time now in the review above but to help you get a better picture of who I am I have attached a piece I wrote in 2008 which goes into a little more detail. Of course much has happened since I wrote this and my knowledge and understanding has grown considerably since then but at least it gives you a bit of an idea of my background and why I am writing to you.

All the very best Alexandra and I very much look forward to meeting you as soon as we can arrange a big party to celebrate this most momentous time in the history of Creation.

Thanking you once again from the bottom of my heart,

Love, Light, Peace and Power,