Hi Alexandra,

I cannot, as a long term carer for feral cats, and feral cat colonies, recommend Alexandra’s ‘Contended Cats’ essence highly enough.

I used Alexandra’s essence ‘Contented Cats’ in combination, in a lesser degree with ‘Safe and Secure’, with a very conflicted group of 8 cats. 8 cats from three very diverse groups, thoughout a difficult and stressful move of house.

I intend to send Alexandra photos of situations that are ‘miracles’ since these cats have had these essences. Only for the first week or two of intense stress did I attempt to rub the essence onto the cats’ heads and ears – several of them resented this action, my cats are feral/barn cats. The rest of the time and in combination the essence was put in a half dropper full into a large dog dish of water. At the most stressful times I had one bowl of ‘Contented Cats’ and one of ‘Safe and Secure’.

I had some conflict, pre-existing, internally, within one group of 5 barn cats. That has been very nearly resolved since the cats began the essence in May (2016). I had, periodically, severe conflict on to the group of 5 barn cats from 2 other cats I previously owned . . . a lot of aggression and hissing, and occasional physical violence, from the larger, stronger pre-owned cats. I also have a ‘kitty mill’ pedigree Turkish Angora, involved in this, at times toxic, feline mix. The Angora was very badly socialized, sold in a pet shop at 6 weeks old, and in the past was a bit mentally unstable.

In addition one of the 5 barn cats has what seems to be ‘Kitty Down’s Syndrome’ and has the mental age of a 6 week old kitten. She is 13 years old. She can be annoying to all and sundry, though she is a very pure soul and sweet being.

Alexandra, I will endeavor to get you photos of the Hippy Style feline ‘love in’ your essence has produced. It is AMAZING. Cats who had been smacking each other in the face, are licking each other, and sharing a bed with each other.

Contended Cats is a miracle. No less. Alexandra should chem trail this stuff on Northern Ireland and the Middle East, so that the cats can lead the humans to peace!

Talk soon,

Love Alison