Ahoy Geoffrey,     
Night was interesting. I slept in chunks constantly releasing some unresolved episodes in this life. It was directed towards my  former life before NDA experience in 2011. Vivid dreams of past situations and people across first 50 years of searching for purpose on earth. For a while ringing in my head got higher in frequency than it went back to the level I’m used to deal with. Btw, my dog was barking for a 30min or so after the session yesterday. She was close to me and kept a guard in all directions around me while there was nothing to be seen in 3d. As for the picture…it is exactly as I feel while doing the work. I relate to the Chinese “evil” eye and the streaks of red that have been released from the mouth. Also I’m familiar with the energy above the head. In short, thanks brother for a new file in my head and heart
After two weeks since our session I’m integrating all these shifts in my energy levels. Since the opening smudging that I felt so clearly to all the toning frequencies that were running through my body,  it was intense experience. I’m grateful for the  throat cleansing especially. I had a feeling for a long time that there was some unresolved blockage there and boy, you dealt with it terminally. In following days it was clear that my empathetic senses were much more open and that’s great for my line of work. So thanks for that.  The process is still going on so I will report on results as they come anew.