Greetings Dear Alexandra,

I was introduced to Galactic Connections just yesterday through your podcast and I have to thank you!

You messages resonate so perfectly with the information for which my soul is ready to receive!

I have been awaking to the great “I AM” and your message about this process in your guardian series is so unbelievably verbatim of my experiences to this point! It was just yesterday that I have reached an innate clarity of why we are here. It is so unbelievably true that letting go of past trauma as which are at the core of my embodiment must be released and so many others are struggling with this.

I was finally able to truly let go of my earthly beginnings and understood the galactic magnitude of my purpose here. You message to others going through this is vital for the ones who are stuck!

I thank you for providing information on a remarkable experience I had during a started meditation. I was consciously transported to a place not of this world and met with brilliant  beings of light who did not speak but were inputting information into the top of my head. I recall actually seeing geometric shapes of sacred geometry and strange numerical symbols and feeling innately that I was being given enormously important information.

I’ve been confused as this experience had been profound but without access to others who experiences this as well I never would ave been able to confirm my origins are not of this world and my light being guides are from somewhere in the Stars!

The episode presenting the New Children was spectacular as this is my purpose! During my recent healing process I started a therapeutic book series; Little Books for Little Warriors which is specifically for helping new sensitive children understand and cope with life struggles as well as to reinforce self worth and empowerment.

It is of great importance to care and nurture these children as they will truly change the world!

I am so happy to connect with y0ur journey and messages!

Your words so very true, we must work together to complete our missions as individuals and as a collective! The courage, resilience, and compassion of my fellow guardian souls such as yourself, just overwhelm me with admiration and inspiration!

With every bit of infinite love in my being I thank you dear Alexandra… and I leave you with a message from my first children’s book. This message came from a source greater then myself and now I share with you!

“Dear One don’t you know how spectacular you are?

Every bit of your being, every freckle and star?!

Your worth in this world outnumbers the stars!

You my dear one are INFINITY! Truly you are!”

-from the pages of Possibilities & Tea

By Jessycka (and my light guides too!)

Much love,