Hi Jeff
So appreciative of your encouraging words
When I really pay attention to Prime Creators words I read out loud, 3 times & didn’t register
“I am done with all my stories & false identities, creations of who I was or am etc”
I guess this is the last story for me
There is a part 2 & part 3, that could become a never ending story
I needed that final story to really allow myself to inhabit my heart ❤️ & find my frequency, Shambhala another symbol for my unique connection to other parts of my being, I guess, the common ground
I always felt the blueprint had to be upgraded to a GoldPrint for the golden age
It was only with the Prime Creator words did I realise we always had it, and we just had to
retrieve it
The work you did, to undo the interference damage I had, that was inhibiting my galactic progress, was key for me
In a way the Gold Print was stolen, with all the manipulation & interference to humanity, it became downgraded to a Blue Print symbolically
The retrieval story is all symbolic, like a fairy story
Even the time traveller identity, doesn’t feel like me in this reality, and could simply be symbolic of at this time we are all becoming multi dimensional, as we all once were
It’s not unique it’s everyone
It is such a relief, as the words say I’m done with the stories, false identities & creations
I would encourage everyone to take advantage of your unique Blue Print process  you offer through Galactic Connections
For me just finding out there was interference was a relief & that it could be short circuited, more relief and an answer why I couldn’t shift what felt like blockages and looping
You broke the cycle for me
Thanks Jeff