Greetings Alexandra,

     I am delighted to share the testimony of my IRP pre & post journey with you all. I wanted to give you and Jerry the full scope of my experience from beginning to end. Due to its length, I grant you editorial and creative license to post whatever part/s you deem best suited for the online page that supports the work you all are doing – I am comfortable with this approach. 🙂
I am excited to identify and heal the pieces unveiled after my IRP journey. I am learning soo much about “vows”, and while it is possible I will need help with clearing all of them…the whole journey is an amazing eye opener to the things many of us have in common. What a treat to be gifted this insight to the roots of my past…OH MY!!!
    I am deeply appreciative for the efforts you and the team have put forth in doing this dedicated and loving work. And from it all, I am delighted to share the info with others who are opened to this type of healing and transformation.  Blessings to you and everyone at Galactic Connection…I love you all, not for just ‘one thing’, but for many things! In October I registered with Adam’s Academy but did not really feel ready… NOW I am ready and excited to study with Adam’s at his Academy 🙂

Thank you all again so very much! 🙂