Geoffrey’s Alchemical Organic Light Realignment Process is quite amazing! During his session, he created a strong connection to me in order to fully implement his treatment, while I felt a calming at the same time. Afterward, due to the change in frequencies, I felt light-headed and sleepy. He stated that I now was needing a “Rest Integration” period, which I promptly did. While asleep, I felt my spirit and body readjusting from heavy and grounding, to very light and floating over my body along with waves of energy flowing through me. This process lasted for me almost 3 days, during which time I discovered the need for Alexandra’s “Organic Light Realignment Essences” alchemical compound. In the end, I am resonating at a higher frequency, feel much more connected to Gaia-Sophia and am more clairsentient and claircognizant. Concerning the portraits he did of my energetic essences, I am still working on connecting/ understanding them.

Thank you so much, Geoffrey!