Hi Alexandra

Your news letter today Saturday, 27th May 2017, was quite profound for me, and I thought you may enjoy my experience

Reading your newsletter :-
• Firstly I read again out loud 3 times with intention and heart ❤️ feeling, the points from Prime creator 25/5/17 from your message.

It reminded me of integrating the Soul fragments often traumatized, for our healing.
I had done a lot of this work, and had forgotten about it.

• Secondly, I read the article on the pyramid Mt Kailash in Tibet and the entrance to Shambhala.
I have an affinity with Shambhala, and my heart ❤️ energy shot up and the feeling brought tears to my eyes – the peace.

• Thirdly I listened to Magenta Pixie
The Observer phenomenon
Toys within the game
Whenever I listen to her it raises my frequency, and the content triggered something.

All of above triggered me to do a meditation and see if there were any of my soul fragments that still needed integration.
To do this I imagine going into my heart ❤️ where the entrances to all the worlds are and a huge auditorium where all my soul aspects are gathered and healing places and everything really & star gates to galactic federation etc.

•• I believe the following happened because of the frequency lift and Prime creator giving the right words of intention and previous clearing work done.

• I was immediately shot into Shambhala.
I had to be cleansed & robed to be in the right frequency of the place.
I was seated at a small council & told as a time traveller, some aspects of me had not been able to return & the time is now to retrieve.

I had traveled from Shambhala  on various missions and would now need to retrieve the lost aspect.s
(I was told in this life, I was a time traveler from Atlantis ? maybe the person didn’t know of Shambhala)

• The first one had been locked up & abandoned as everyone scared of her.
She was filthy injured & broken & forgotten.
Her energy so low she could not get back.
Two male Shambhala healers came with me.
I had to carry her filthy & stinking back.
I had to bath her, 3 baths of clean water to cleanse, she had to have her hair washed, trimmed, a facial, pampered & dressed.
Then a psychic healer (best label I could come up with) who removed like an implant from her skull base LHS neck, (this implant has been removed multiple times but always came back in past) and an energy cell deeper in her brain, like radiation from the implant – then recuperation rest,
The Healers then did repairs on my blue print & DNA.
••• Most importantly, the stargate designed for that mission had to be shut down permanently.
**I might add I have seen you Alexandra come in twice in last week and remove this implant, you did huge light healing on the area and I thought fixed again.
I now see how powerful it was and you were preparing the area I presume ??

• The second one
A place where I had more brain toxins from radiation that needed removing – can’t remember location.
Similar blueprint DNA & close the star gates I used to travel to each timeline for the mission.
These openings are causing problems in the present I’m told, stealing energy still.

• The third one
• the Fourth one
• the fifth one
• the sixth one

Can’t remember
One Egyptian
One Atlantean
One in a temple
One in future

Similar stories frightened of my light, my insight, and my ability to know truth and upset their corruption – still a problem.
I was sent to teach in the future, gave too much info I guess.
So I was victimized, used, jailed, punished, bashed.
The last 4 aspects were victims of some alien technology, where the perpetrators who were high ranking in temple or royalty, could enter & use my body.
Some trying to access for my knowledge, some for devious use as their bodies aged.
Some just because they could, seeing what I had,or trying to steal my light & energy for themselves.
I have met all these 4 people in this life.

When each of these aspects were collected and returned to Shambhala, each had an imprint of the person who had used the body, like a shriveled up mummy, making them wrong frequency & impossible to return to Shambhala.

The  imprints of the perpetrators had to be removed & burnt even their ashes were toxic and had to be sealed somehow.
Whatever the technology was, had to be repaired & removed in DNA & blueprint .
All the stargates sealed and blueprint & DNA repairs.

One I had to go into a deep cave where crystal skulls were stored each had a soul ?downloaded into it.
I had to retrieve mine with the aspect I was collecting.
Was this consciousness removed & stored so body could be used, part of the technology?
Downloaded in Shambhala and part of healing of that aspect to retrieve whatever was stored in Crystal skull – knowledge I expect but maybe her consciousness.
Some devilish stuff went on.

I was told 6 aspects retrieved was enough for today – so must be more to still do.
I was told when I was a time traveler, I went on a mission for many years, & when returned only a few days had passed and didn’t age from the mission.

I wondered how the integration would happen as they all needed big time healing and would need to stay in Shambhala.

Then I was shown it was time and my ❤️ heart space became my Shambhala.
So they would heal & integrate over time as already within me.

Well that was a surprise.
I think I’ve told you I went to the Russian shamans in Siberia.
We did a mediation beside a river in the snow in middle of the night.
In med – I walked on the river until I got to an ancient like castle and I was told it was Shambhala.
Cobblestone courtyard I was allowed into but no further.
I told the shaman afterwards and he asked if I knew where Shambhala was ? No
It’s just up this river, we were on the border of Tibet, I had no idea.
But I knew I had some big work to do to be high enough frequency to get in.

So enough has happened over the years, that not only am I now allowed in, I am my own Shambhala.

My point in sharing this experience is for others to know, that I have had several of GalacticConnection’s Healing processes, without which I do not believe I could have got to this place on my own, as this meditation showed me, the way was now cleared to retrieve these lost traumatized aspects.

I’ve had
Implant removal process
Soul Alignment & DNA Activation
Spiritual Past Life Healing
Preparing for the Divine Blueprint

Before today, I could not understand with all the work I had done why I still felt so traumatized.
This is the answer for me – lost aspects of soul still traumatized &  needed retrieval healing & integration.
Everyone is different, however everyone must benefit by being fast tracked, clearing blockages along the way, some we can’t get to without assistance, like your amazing processes that for me have been invaluable, even before this happened today.

So guess what folks – they work.

Each of these experiences I had thought were past lives and thought I had sorted in previous techniques, including the one I did in spiritual Past Life Healing with GalacticConnection.
At the time I was a bit miffed as I knew the Egyptian life inside out & thought boring & cleared long ago.
The person in the life was one of the perpetrators using my body and I had not recognized that in earlier clearings.
I have also met the person in this life.

So not only did I need help to clear further to get to hopefully finish the job with Prime Creator’s intention words – enough it’s done.

In fact I’m so done with these lives they are really boring, but somehow I hadn’t retrieved myself from the aspect of the time traveler, I think was a key, as well as the time, raised frequency of now and the “Words”.
In the beginning was the “Word”.
I now can see was why I couldn’t fully clear, only partially.
Maybe others think they’ve done the work, but only now can it be finalised,  and they may need to revisit as I did.

I’ve had PTSD allergies & sensitivities headaches & neck pain from implant location anxiety & much more that I can connect to all of the above.

All symptoms go away with work, but so miffed why they kept coming back.
Let’s hope it’s really done this time.
Thanks 🙏 Alexandra & the team