Implant Removal 

Day 1

I feel very ‚soft’ like a delicate dough that you can shape and form in a gentle new way.

Also, there is an almost kind of feeling of weakness of body-strength. I allow it to flow through my body. Or probably is a kind of cleansing.

I too think a kind of ‚diet’ is advisable – for example, I took my first remedy a few moments ago this Sunday morning on an empty hungry stomach.

When I looked at my cell phone before I started to open WORD for this journaling, I felt the matrix; as if I could also see it. Technology like this is very manipulative for mankind. We are way too dependent of it. Human kind forgets that it is simply a tool and not a living device – meet people in real life not on facebook & co.

When I ordered your ‚Implant Removal Phase I’ – after a few days I felt happy – I was in a state of happiness, as if it was my birthright (which it is! J) because it simply WAS there without any effort. It came in easily. This realization made me consciously aware of my Implant Removal Order – Alexandra and Jerry and the Universe have already been working on me ever since.

* So, Thank You! ALL of You! So VERY, VERY much! Bless You! *

– Alice