I just needed to say this. I listened to so many interviews way back in 2011, 2012. This was part of awakening and learning at the time I guess I was guided by my willingness to learn and know more. I have always felt something different and your words were right on the ball. I always felt something and it was I was the hunted. More like energy stealing I can’t explain I am just glad we are here now.

David Icke in the interview way back in the 90s, with the Revelation of Mother of Goddess puts it very clearly. It’s about choosing what we do as a result of what we know so this world will become the paradise again. Life is like a ride in an amusement park, and we think it’s real and that’s how powerful our minds are. It’s just a ride a reflection of our own attitudes. Choice between fear and love.

I love the kit. When I think it’s not working that’s when it works best. It’s working 24 hours with me. I think I was able to awake because of all the work you do. I am so grateful.

Take care all the best